Missing Cuban Man Sought by Family in Guyana

Sunday, June 9, 2024 by Daniel Colon

Missing Cuban Man Sought by Family in Guyana
Wilber Oliva Leyva - Image © Facebook/Wilber Oliva Leyva (Kiki)

Relatives of a Cuban man who has been living in Guyana for the past year are desperately seeking information to locate him after he went missing over four months ago. Wilber Oliva Leyva, known as Kiki, is 40 years old and settled in the South American country in 2023. According to social media posts by his family and local media, his whereabouts have been unknown since the beginning of this year.

A young woman identifying herself as Yely HG on Facebook wrote, "We won't give up; your family will find you," and shared a note from the media outlet Action News Guyana on the social network.

The statement indicates that Oliva was renting an apartment somewhere on Charlotte Street, Georgetown, and provides a contact phone number -(592) 621 8359- for anyone with information that could help locate him. Additionally, it specifies that, according to Oliva's relatives, the last people he was seen with were identified as Yasira Palmero Meriño and Yadiel Brook, both Cubans.

In the comments on the post, Palmero addressed the family and vehemently denied knowing anything about the missing man. "I would be happy to help, but the truth is we never lived with Wilber, and he disappeared without saying anything. If Yadiel and I knew anything, we would tell his family why," she asserted.

In a message on the same post, Yely HG thanked everyone helping to find Oliva on behalf of the family and urged "anyone with information to contact us."

However, in a post last Thursday, the young woman expressed concern over a call to the family from someone pretending to be Oliva, urging them to remove the post about his disappearance. "The person behind all this wants us to take down the post to avoid being found. They just sent a message from his phone as if it were him. We need to make this more viral and stronger," Yely requested.

"The person who thinks we will do what they want is very mistaken. We will not stop searching, nor will we remove the post. Please share this; something very strange is happening, and we will uncover it," she warned.

Other family members have also shared the call for help on social media to locate Oliva, who hails from Esmeralda, Camagüey.

In recent years, Guyana has become a frequent destination for Cubans, both for those attending immigration interviews at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown and for a significant number who have settled in the South American country after leaving Cuba in search of better opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Missing Cuban Man in Guyana

Amid the ongoing search for Wilber Oliva Leyva, several questions have emerged regarding his disappearance and the efforts to find him. Here are some FAQs to provide clarity on the situation.

When did Wilber Oliva Leyva go missing?

Wilber Oliva Leyva has been missing since the beginning of this year, with no contact for over four months.

Where was he last seen?

He was last seen on Charlotte Street, Georgetown, where he was renting an apartment.

Who were the last people he was seen with?

The last people seen with him were identified as Yasira Palmero Meriño and Yadiel Brook, both of whom are Cuban.

How can the public help in finding him?

Anyone with information can contact the provided phone number, (592) 621 8359, to assist in locating Wilber Oliva Leyva.

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