Child Expresses Gratitude for Living Outside Cuba: "Mom Escaped Communism, I Don't Have to Share a Table at Coppelia"

Sunday, June 9, 2024 by Amelia Soto

A humorous video is making rounds on social media, featuring a child explaining why he is grateful that his mom escaped communism in Cuba.

Annie Soto, who resides in Orlando, United States, shared a reel on Facebook showcasing one of her three children expressing gratitude for not living in Cuba. Each statement begins with: “My mom escaped communism,” followed by a specific reason.

The first reason given is that “Now I don't have to take two Polivit before meals,” alluding to an old Cuban habit of taking vitamins before eating.

The second reason is: “Now I can drink malt and I don't have to drink a sip of Novatropín,” referring to the grandmotherly belief that the drink could cause indigestion.

The third statement is: “Now I don't have to share a table at Coppelia,” highlighting a common and often unpleasant practice in Cuban eateries where patrons are forced to sit with strangers.

The fourth reason is that the child will not know about gentian violet, another result of his mother escaping communism.

The fifth and final reason given is: “Now I don't have to say: 'Chofe, parada,'” showing his thankfulness for not living in Cuba.

Recently, a young man also used irony to discuss why Cubans shouldn't leave the country, listing various reasons that make the island seem appealing.

Instagram user identified as aleeitoh mentioned ground peanuts as the first reason.

“We have one of the seven wonders of the world, as any Cuban would say, obviously I'm talking about ground peanuts,” he stated in a series of images that initially seemed to be about coffee.

He also mentioned blackouts, which he characterized as the government's way of ensuring citizens sleep well and get enough rest.

Reasons for Gratitude After Escaping Communism in Cuba

Here are some common questions and answers regarding the reasons people express gratitude for escaping communism in Cuba, as highlighted in the article.

Why does the child mention not having to take Polivit before meals?

The child refers to an old Cuban habit where individuals took vitamins like Polivit before meals, something he is glad to avoid now.

What is the significance of not sharing a table at Coppelia?

In Cuba, it is common to be forced to share tables with strangers at eateries like Coppelia, which the child finds unpleasant and is glad to avoid.

What role do blackouts play in Cuban life according to the young man?

The young man sarcastically noted that blackouts are the government's way of making sure citizens sleep well and get enough rest.

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