Body of Missing Cuban Youth Found on Granma Coast After Nearly a Month

Saturday, June 8, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Body of Missing Cuban Youth Found on Granma Coast After Nearly a Month
Geiler Castillo - Image of © Facebook

The body of Geyler Castillo Benítez, a young Cuban who had been missing for almost a month in Campechuela, Granma, was discovered on the coast in an advanced state of decomposition, as confirmed by his family on social media. His relatives, exhausted from their search and offering a reward of 80,000 pesos for information on his whereabouts, stated that forensic experts confirmed the tragic find was indeed the young man, who was last seen in mid-May.

Norveida Castillo, the young man's aunt, affirmed that the corpse was her nephew's, leaving behind "a lot of sadness." Niover Castillo, another family member, mentioned that "the forensic report confirmed the remains belonged to Castillo Benítez" and expressed gratitude to those who participated in the search. Another social media user close to the family suggested that the incident might have been a murder: "If there is any law in the world, the one who committed such an atrocity should be punished, because no one has the right to take another person's life," she stated.

One woman shared on Facebook that she was at the beach with her children when she saw the body, reduced to just a skeleton. "There was a foul smell, so I took my children back home," she expressed.

Reports of disappearances are increasingly frequent in Cuba, amid a context marked by rising violence, illegal departures from the country, lack of treatment for patients with mental illnesses, and growing poverty that especially burdens the youth.

Key Questions Surrounding the Discovery of Geyler Castillo Benítez's Body

The tragic discovery of Geyler Castillo Benítez has raised many questions and concerns. Here are some key points addressed for better understanding:

When was Geyler Castillo Benítez last seen?

Geyler Castillo Benítez was last seen in mid-May.

What did the forensic experts conclude?

Forensic experts confirmed that the remains found were indeed those of Geyler Castillo Benítez.

Were there suspicions of foul play?

Yes, a family acquaintance suggested that the incident might have been a murder.

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