Union Electrica Predicts 550 MW Power Outages for Saturday in Cuba

Saturday, June 8, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Union Electrica Predicts 550 MW Power Outages for Saturday in Cuba
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The Union Electrica (UNE) has forecast power outages for this Saturday due to a generation shortfall of 550 MW, amounting to one-fifth of the country's demand. In an informative note on Facebook, the UNE explained that unit 6 of the Central Thermoelectric Plant (CTE) in Nuevitas, unit 6 of the CTE Rente, and units 1 and 2 of the CTE Felton are all out of service due to technical failures. Additionally, unit 1 of the CTE Santa Cruz, unit 5 of the CTE Nuevitas, and unit 5 of the CTE Rente are undergoing maintenance.

These issues limit thermal generation by approximately 340 MW. On top of this, 132 MW are offline because 35 distributed generation plants are out of service due to lack of fuel. "For peak hours, an availability of 2370 MW and a maximum demand of 2850 MW are estimated, resulting in a 480 MW shortfall. If conditions remain as predicted, a 550 MW outage is forecasted for this time," the UNE specified.

On Friday, service was affected due to capacity shortages from 09:07 AM until 10:51 PM, with a maximum disruption of 598 MW at 6:00 PM, which coincided with peak hours.

As usual, Cubans reacted with outrage to the announcement, given that power outages have become relentless, extending up to 20 hours in some regions of the island. "The worst thing for us Cubans is not having land borders; those without money are doomed in this island to die of frustrations and powerlessness, not to mention other issues that are beyond words," commented one internet user.

Understanding Cuba's Power Outages

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help understand the context and issues surrounding the power outages in Cuba.

Why are there frequent power outages in Cuba?

Cuba experiences frequent power outages due to a combination of technical failures, maintenance issues, and fuel shortages affecting the country's power plants.

How much of the country's power demand is affected by the outages?

The recent forecast predicts a shortfall of 550 MW, which is about one-fifth of Cuba's total power demand.

What is the impact of these outages on daily life in Cuba?

Power outages disrupt daily life significantly, with some regions experiencing up to 20 hours of outages, affecting everything from household activities to essential services.

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