Pitcher from Matanzas, Noelvis Entenza, Involved in Car Accident in Cuba

Saturday, June 8, 2024 by Ava Castillo

Pitcher from Matanzas, Noelvis Entenza, Involved in Car Accident in Cuba
Images of the accident and Noelvis Entenza - Image © Facebook / Noelvis Entenza González

The Cuban baseball player Noelvis Entenza González, a pitcher for the Matanzas team, was involved in a car accident this past Friday while traveling with his family to celebrate his mother's birthday. Originally from Cienfuegos and at 38 years old, the right-hander got into his car to head to Matanzas but ended up in an accident that caused damage to the vehicle. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.

"Yesterday, I was reborn. The car overturned with my family inside. It's inexplicable given the speed I was driving when I passed a moped," said the veteran Matanzas pitcher on his social media platforms.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, although Entenza's mother's birthday celebration is set for the upcoming Monday. The report did not specify the exact location of the accident or the number of people involved.

Grateful for his and his family's good fortune in the accident, the pitcher extended a greeting to the "team 90" in his post.

As sports journalist Yasel Porto Gómez noted on his social media, "the native of Cienfuegos remains a key figure in the pitching staff of the Cocodrilos within Cuban baseball despite his modest numbers this year and having already passed his prime years on the mound, which even saw him make the national team."

In May 2019, Entenza hinted at an early retirement from baseball, citing "too many bad things" that had happened to him since he switched from Cienfuegos—where he debuted in 2003—to Industriales.

According to Palmira native Entenza, the final straw was being denied permission to play in the Intercounty Baseball League in Canada, where he had spent three consecutive years with the Kitchener Panthers.

"You won't be traveling due to poor performance and indiscipline," said INDER's Head of Sports Activities Raúl Reyes. "In the end, I was told it seemed that the person opposed to me playing there was the Industriales manager, Rey Vicente Anglada."

Details About Noelvis Entenza's Car Accident

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Noelvis Entenza's recent car accident and his career in baseball.

What caused Noelvis Entenza's car accident?

According to Entenza, the car overturned while he was passing a moped at a certain speed, making the accident inexplicable to him.

Were there any injuries reported from the accident?

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported from the accident, although the vehicle sustained damage.

What has been Noelvis Entenza's role in Cuban baseball?

Despite modest numbers this year, Entenza remains a key figure in the pitching staff of the Cocodrilos and has even been part of the national team.

Why did Noelvis Entenza consider early retirement?

Entenza considered early retirement due to a series of unfortunate events since switching from Cienfuegos to Industriales, including being denied permission to play in Canada's Intercounty Baseball League.

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