From Cuba to Hollywood: Dale Pututi Celebrates Song Featuring Gente de Zona in Bad Boys 4

Friday, June 7, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

The Cuban singer Dale Pututi is experiencing one of the best moments of his life. After becoming a father for the first time with Fabién Laurencio and purchasing his first home in Miami, he proudly announced that one of his songs with Gente de Zona is featured in the movie Bad Boys 4.

The fourth installment of the saga, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, hits theaters this Friday, June 7. In one of its scenes, a song by the Cuban artists, specifically "Somos Latinos," which features Play N Skillz, can be heard.

Proud and thrilled that his song is being heard worldwide thanks to the Hollywood film, the singer and producer took to his Instagram to share the scene where his track plays. "Asere, we are in Hollywood. I never imagined my voice would be in a movie. I don't know how to thank you," commented Dale Pututi, moved by this new milestone in his career.

His followers, fellow artists, and partner didn't hesitate to congratulate him on this dream come true for the young artist. Congratulations! Here we leave you with the song "Somos Latinos" to start your weekend with a lot of rhythm:

Dale Pututi and Bad Boys 4: Key Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dale Pututi's involvement in Bad Boys 4 and the impact of his song "Somos Latinos."

Who is Dale Pututi?

Dale Pututi is a Cuban singer and producer known for his collaborations with various artists, including Gente de Zona.

What is the significance of "Somos Latinos" being featured in Bad Boys 4?

The inclusion of "Somos Latinos" in Bad Boys 4 gives the song and the artists involved global exposure and signifies a major milestone in their careers.

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