Yulién Oviedo Throws Shade at Bebeshito: "Let's See If You Can Sing Like Me Someday"

Friday, June 7, 2024 by Amelia Soto

The ongoing feuds and subtle digs among Cuba's urban genre representatives continue to unfold on social media. This time, Yulién Oviedo took aim at Oniel Bebeshito once again.

In an interview for the upcoming episode of the show "Destino Tolk," set to air this Friday, Yulién was asked to send a message to his rival, Bebeshito. His response was nothing short of mocking. "He should gargle plenty of water with salt and lemon to see if he can someday sing like me," the singer said with a heavy dose of irony.

Just a few days ago, the "El Yaris" performer criticized Bebeshito in another Instagram post. He shared a video of himself singing a song by the young reggaeton artist a cappella. "The day your artist sings his song like this, I'll retire," Yulién wrote in the post's description. His words sparked several criticisms from followers who reminded him that Bebeshito is currently one of the hottest urban artists.

Yulién Oviedo and Oniel Bebeshito Feud: Key Details

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the ongoing feud between Yulién Oviedo and Oniel Bebeshito.

What sparked the feud between Yulién Oviedo and Oniel Bebeshito?

The feud appears to be fueled by mutual criticisms and social media posts where both artists have taken jabs at each other's musical abilities.

What did Yulién Oviedo say about Bebeshito in his recent interview?

Yulién Oviedo mockingly suggested that Bebeshito should gargle water with salt and lemon to improve his singing abilities.

How did fans react to Yulién Oviedo's Instagram post?

Many followers criticized Yulién, reminding him that Bebeshito is one of the most popular urban artists at the moment.

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