Photograph of Empty Cuban Market Wins Prestigious International Award

Thursday, June 6, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Photograph of Empty Cuban Market Wins Prestigious International Award
Agro de 19 y B out of stock (Reference image) - Image © Facebook / Oscar Casanella, Liliam Ojeda y CiberCuba

A photograph of an empty Cuban agricultural market has just been honored in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer competition, which annually awards the best photos on the theme of food from around the world. "Empty Store, Cuba" by British photographer Jo Kearney, recognized in the food politics category, is a stark denunciation of the severe food shortages plaguing the Cuban people.

Highlighting Cuba's Harsh Realities

The image depicts a desolate establishment, devoid of products and customers, with only a lone seller, poorly dressed and looking exhausted, sitting inside. On the walls, two photographs of Fidel and Raúl Castro hang near a poster celebrating May Day, adding to the absurdity of the scene with a phrase that reads: "Cuba in solidarity with the world."

The photo eloquently captures the Cuban reality and the severe crisis the country is facing, while the government continues to push its worn-out and pathetic political propaganda. In a place where food should be available, misery, apathy, and hopelessness prevail, caused by the communist regime's failure to address the real problems and needs of the people.

Jo Kearney's Continued Success

This is not the first time Jo Kearney's work on Cuba has been recognized in an international competition. The British photographer, who works for media outlets like the BBC, Al Jazeera, and the AP, won the International Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2023, in the environmental portrait category, with a photo taken in an elderly woman's house in Havana.

On that occasion, she recounted: "I was walking through Havana, looking for people to photograph in their homes. Havana has beautiful colonial buildings, but many are in a terrible state of disrepair," she said. "And many of the grand houses are divided and inhabited by multiple families. Often, each family has only one room, which is divided horizontally to create an additional bedroom upstairs. So many people live in tiny, miserable, and cramped spaces, and I wanted to show the terrible economic situation of the country," she explained.

Understanding the Impact of Food Shortages in Cuba

This section aims to address some common questions regarding the severe food shortages in Cuba, highlighted by Jo Kearney's award-winning photograph.

What is the Pink Lady Food Photographer competition?

The Pink Lady Food Photographer competition is an annual event that celebrates the best food photography from around the world, recognizing talent in various categories.

Why is Jo Kearney's photo significant?

Jo Kearney's photo is significant because it powerfully documents the severe food shortages and economic struggles faced by the Cuban people, highlighting the failure of the communist regime to address these issues.

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