Three Reasons to Choose Café Envíos for Sending Packages to Cuba

Thursday, June 6, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Three Reasons to Choose Café Envíos for Sending Packages to Cuba
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Amidst the ongoing shortages and economic difficulties in Cuba, shipping packages from the United States has become a crucial source of relief and hope for many families on the island. Café Envíos, an agency located in Miami, stands out for offering a comprehensive and accessible service that could be the ideal choice for anyone looking to send packages to their loved ones in Cuba. Here are three advantages you should not miss if you want to send a parcel to your family.

Competitive Pricing for Shipping to Cuba

Café Envíos offers highly competitive rates for shipping boxes to Cuba. The packages can contain a variety of items such as food, hygiene products, medicines, and miscellaneous goods. The shipping rates for maritime deliveries are as follows:

  • 11 LB boxes: $45
  • 22 LB boxes: $60
  • 44 LB boxes: $105
  • 55 LB boxes: $120

These packages are delivered within an average of 30 to 40 days. They are ideal for sending non-perishable foods, clothing, shoes, and other essential items to your family. While it is not recommended to use this service for shipping fresh products, there is an express shipping option if you need your package to arrive sooner.

Through maritime shipping, durable items such as furniture and appliances can be sent at a cost of $2.50 per pound. If your box has unused capacity, the agency offers free products to customers to complete the load.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Packages sent through Café Envíos are delivered right to the doorstep of your family in Cuba, with no additional fees upon receiving the parcel. Home delivery is available in all municipalities across the country.

Cubans who do not reside in Miami have the option to send their packages via postal service to the agency's office. They can also make online purchases and have them sent directly to the office, where the commercial agents will handle the package's shipment to Cuba without any hassle.

Additional Services That Make a Difference

The agency doesn't just limit itself to shipping packages to Cuba. It also offers additional services that are highly beneficial for Cuban families, including:

  • Phone recharges, facilitating direct communication with family and friends.
  • Remittance services, both in cash and in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC). Every customer who uses any service from the office is entitled to a tax-free remittance.

These additional services maintain the connection and constant support between Cuban families, making life a little easier during difficult times.

Receiving packages from abroad not only provides your loved ones with essential items they can't find locally but also brings joy and hope amidst the current shortages. Cubans on the island deeply value these shipments, as each package represents a gesture of love and support from abroad.

If you have any questions about how to send a package of miscellaneous items to Cuba, you can call or leave a WhatsApp message at 786-535-4905. If you have your package ready and want to process it directly at the agency, the address is: 2742 SW 8th St, Suite 23, Miami, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Packages to Cuba with Café Envíos

Here are some common questions and answers to help you understand the process of sending packages to Cuba through Café Envíos.

What types of items can I send to Cuba through Café Envíos?

You can send a variety of items, including non-perishable foods, hygiene products, medicines, clothing, shoes, and other essential goods. Durable items like furniture and appliances can also be sent via maritime shipping.

How long does it take for a package to be delivered to Cuba?

Packages sent through Café Envíos are typically delivered within 30 to 40 days. An express shipping option is available for faster delivery.

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