Lieter Ledesma Shares Exciting New Hobby with His Daughter

Thursday, June 6, 2024 by Richard Morales

Lieter Ledesma Shares Exciting New Hobby with His Daughter
Lieter Ledesma practicing rafting with his daughter Pao - Image by © Instagram / Lieter Ledesma

Lieter Ledesma proudly showcased a new passion he and his daughter Paola have discovered this Thursday on his social media. Alongside several photos of them engaging in the activity, he revealed that they had found rafting to be a thrilling and enjoyable new pastime.

"Paola and I have discovered a new passion, rafting. Super exciting and fun. It will be our next vacation sport," he wrote alongside the stunning photos, which quickly garnered likes and comments from followers.

On his social media platforms, the Cuban actor and host, now residing in Miami, often expresses his pride in his eldest daughter. Paola not only excels academically but also has a clear inclination and talent for sports.

Lieter has proudly shown off her achievements and progress, especially during her swimming competitions or while practicing judo. Together with his wife Laura, his best companion and support, and their daughter Paola, Lieter Ledesma has formed a beautiful family. They cherish every moment together, something he frequently shares on social media to the delight of his followers who celebrate seeing him happy and fulfilled in all aspects of his life.

Lieter Ledesma and His Daughter's New Passion for Rafting

Here are some frequently asked questions about Lieter Ledesma's new hobby with his daughter and their family life.

What new activity did Lieter Ledesma and his daughter Paola discover?

Lieter Ledesma and his daughter Paola have discovered a passion for rafting, which they find super exciting and fun.

Where does Lieter Ledesma currently reside?

Lieter Ledesma currently resides in Miami.

What other sports does Paola excel in?

Paola excels in swimming and judo, showcasing her talent and dedication in these sports.

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