"Mandarin Brand," The Summer Anthem for Cubans

Thursday, June 6, 2024 by Richard Morales

"Mandarin Brand," The Summer Anthem for Cubans
El Taiger and Oniel Bebeshito - Image © YouTube / Oniel Bebeshito

Followers of CiberCuba have made their choice clear: "Mandarin Brand" is the summer's hit song in Cuba! In a recent survey conducted on CiberCuba's social media platforms, readers were asked to pick their favorite "reparto" track to keep playing throughout the summer. The majority of votes went to the song by Oniel Bebeshito and El Taiger.

The options included "Mandarin Brand" by Oniel Bebeshito and El Taiger; "La Narsi" by Mawell; "Le Dicen Mami" by Charly & Johayron; "Donde Manda Toto No Manda Pipi" by La Diosa x La Negrita Más Bonita; "Salva Vidas" by El Dray x Wildey and Dj Conds; "Tienes Que Nacer de Nuevo" by El Chulo, Wampi, Dany Ome, Kevincito El 13, Lex White and Dj Alex; and "La Temba" by Seidy La Niña.

The Facebook post on CiberCuba Noticias alone garnered nearly a thousand comments from users, most of them supporting "Mandarin Brand," crowning it the winner of the survey. Fans seem to be avid admirers of this track, frequently referencing it in their comments and accompanying it with mandarin emojis. Many users not only supported the song but also expressed their affection for its performers, El Taiger and Oniel Bebeshito, two Cuban singers who enjoy widespread popularity.

Here is the song "Mandarin Brand" for you to kick off June with a lot of rhythm and enjoy some "reparto" beats:

FAQs on "Mandarin Brand" and Its Popularity

Given the popularity of "Mandarin Brand" among Cuban listeners, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the song and its artists.

Who are the artists behind "Mandarin Brand"?

The song is performed by Oniel Bebeshito and El Taiger, two well-known Cuban singers.

What genre does "Mandarin Brand" belong to?

"Mandarin Brand" is a "reparto" track, a popular subgenre of reggaeton in Cuba.

How was "Mandarin Brand" selected as the summer anthem?

The song was chosen through a survey conducted on CiberCuba's social media platforms, where it received the majority of votes from followers.

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