Baby Lores Celebrates Daughter's 15th Birthday in Princess Style

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 by Richard Morales

With a video showcasing the traditional photoshoot to commemorate such a special age, Baby Lores celebrated his daughter Sofía's fifteenth birthday on social media. "Help me wish my daughter a happy 15th birthday! Follow her account and leave a supportive comment," he requested on his social platforms alongside a sweet video of the young lady in a stunning red quinceañera gown.

In his stories, he shared another look that his daughter sported to mark this significant milestone. The post quickly filled with congratulations, well-wishes, and blessings for Sofía, not just from followers but also from fellow artists.

"Beautiful princess, may God bless you every day and fulfill all your dreams. I love you so much, beautiful doll, happy birthday," said Dayamí La Musa. "Wow. 15 years already. How fast they grow, my God!! Happy birthday to your princess!!" added Srta Dayana, among many other heartfelt messages left for the young lady.

Baby Lores' Professional Endeavors

On the professional front, Baby Lores continues to break new ground with the creation of his own cigar brand and enjoying the success of his music and arts academy in Miami. This project brings him joy and fulfillment by providing the community with "art experiences for the whole family" and "musical therapy dedicated to children with special needs."

Questions About Baby Lores and His Daughter's 15th Birthday Celebration

Here are some frequently asked questions about the special birthday celebration and Baby Lores' professional achievements.

Who is Baby Lores?

Baby Lores is a Cuban musician and entrepreneur known for his music and his initiatives in the arts, including his own cigar brand and a music and arts academy in Miami.

How did Baby Lores celebrate his daughter's 15th birthday?

Baby Lores celebrated his daughter Sofía's 15th birthday by sharing a video of her photoshoot in a red quinceañera gown on social media, asking followers to leave supportive comments.

What messages did Baby Lores' colleagues share?

Colleagues like Dayamí La Musa and Srta Dayana shared heartfelt birthday wishes, expressing their blessings and admiration for Sofía on her milestone birthday.

What are Baby Lores' professional projects?

Baby Lores is involved in creating his own cigar brand and runs a successful music and arts academy in Miami, which offers art experiences for families and musical therapy for children with special needs.

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