Cuban Pastor Under House Arrest for Buying Cement in Camagüey

Monday, June 3, 2024 by Richard Morales

Cuban Pastor Under House Arrest for Buying Cement in Camagüey
Cuban pastor in Camagüey - Image by © Facebook Centro de Avivamiento Cristiano Hialeah

The Executive Presbyter of Camagüey District, Dizzis Ramos, and Pastor Jorleidis Reynaldo are currently under police investigation and house arrest for purchasing cement in Camagüey.

A post on the Facebook page of the Assemblies of God has sparked a wave of support for the religious leaders, suggesting this might be a case fabricated by the State Security to disrupt the church's work in the community. "Let us pray for our Executive Presbyter of the Camagüey District, Rev. Dizzis Ramos, that God may protect and guide him through these trials," reads the statement from the Evangelical Pentecostal Church, Assemblies of God in Cuba.

Independent journalist Yaiset Rodríguez Fernández explained that Pastor Reynaldo was sent by Ramos to purchase cement at the Nuevitas factory, where it was being sold legally and openly. He acquired a large load, and while transporting it, the police stopped the vehicle. The officers requested purchase documents, and upon inspection, they claimed the documents were fraudulent. The cement was confiscated, and Pastor Reynaldo was detained.

Surprisingly, the only documents considered false were those related to this purchase, despite many others also buying cement that day. Followers of these Cuban pastors warn that this case seems like a trap designed to halt the efforts of Dizzis Ramos, who has made a significant impact in Camalote, the community where his church is located.

Community Impact and Suspicious Investigations

Ramos has spearheaded the construction of homes for the elderly and those in need in the area. He has received assistance from a global ministry to organize events where toys and bicycles were given to local children. Although Reynaldo is the first to be accused, Dizzis Ramos is also under investigation as the head pastor of the church and is prohibited from leaving the province. Curiously, the lawyer defending the presbyter has stopped answering his phone.

The individuals from the Nuevitas factory who sold the cement and provided the alleged false documents are not under investigation. This raises further suspicion that this is an operation by the State Security to limit the church's influence in society. The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) has called for an end to the harassment, threats, and repression against Pastors Jorleidis Reynaldo and Dizzis Ramos.

This situation exemplifies the challenges religious institutions face in Cuba, where fabricated evidence and intimidation tactics aim to silence and neutralize their social efforts. It remains to be seen how far authorities will go to prosecute and convict these two pastors for a crime they claim they did not commit.

FAQs on the Arrest of Cuban Pastors for Cement Purchase

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the arrest of Cuban pastors Dizzis Ramos and Jorleidis Reynaldo for purchasing cement in Camagüey.

Why were the pastors arrested?

Pastors Dizzis Ramos and Jorleidis Reynaldo were arrested for allegedly purchasing cement with false documents, although the legitimacy of these claims is highly questioned by their supporters.

What is the significance of the cement purchase?

The pastors were using the cement to build homes for the elderly and needy in their community, a project led by Ramos with support from a global ministry.

Is there evidence of a State Security operation?

Supporters of the pastors believe that the arrest and investigation are a trap by State Security to curb the church's influence, especially since only their documents were deemed fraudulent.

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