Eco Fleet Tanker Unloads Fuel in Cienfuegos After Nearly Four-Month Delay

Sunday, June 2, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Eco Fleet Tanker Unloads Fuel in Cienfuegos After Nearly Four-Month Delay
Eco Fleet Vessel (Reference Image) - Image © VesseFinder and Granma / Omar García Valenti

The Eco Fleet oil tanker has finally unloaded its fuel cargo in Cienfuegos after nearly four months of waiting. According to DIARIO DE CUBA, this is the same tanker that arrived in Havana at the end of February and, after spending 50 days lingering in Cuban waters, left mid-April without unloading its cargo.

Jorge Piñón, director of the Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program at the University of Texas, revealed to the digital news outlet that on Saturday, June 1, "after more than 70 days waiting to deliver its oil, it unloaded in Cienfuegos." The vessel, flying the Marshall Islands flag, "carries approximately 274,000 barrels of oil," Piñón said, based on its draft.

The ship initially docked in Havana on February 25 and departed for Jamaica on April 14, where it stayed for two days before returning to Cuba with no change in its draft. "Reason for the delay: lack of payment? Quality issues? It must have an incredible demurrage bill," noted the University of Texas expert.

In April, when the tanker left Cuba and the government remained silent, speculation arose about the reasons for not unloading the diesel, with possible causes including lack of funds to pay for the cargo, technical problems with the ship, or diesel quality issues. Cuban authorities have also remained silent on the Eco Fleet's docking in Cienfuegos, news that could provide some relief to the population, which has been enduring prolonged power outages of up to 15 hours in some areas.

At the end of March, the government confirmed the arrival of a Russian tanker with over 90,000 tons of oil. The ship arrived at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas, where the extraction of the fuel was reported to be underway. Days later, the regime announced the arrival of another tanker in Matanzas, without specifying its origin.

Key Details about Eco Fleet Fuel Unloading

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Eco Fleet's fuel unloading in Cienfuegos, which may help understand the context and implications.

Why did the Eco Fleet tanker delay its fuel unloading in Cienfuegos?

The delay was speculated to be due to either a lack of payment, quality issues with the fuel, or technical problems with the tanker or the diesel itself.

How much fuel did the Eco Fleet tanker carry?

The Eco Fleet tanker carried approximately 274,000 barrels of oil.

What impact does the fuel unloading have on the Cuban population?

The unloading of fuel may provide some relief to the Cuban population, which has been suffering from extended power outages lasting up to 15 hours in some localities.

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