Migrants, Including Cubans, Halted in Chiapas Ahead of Mexico's Elections

Sunday, June 2, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Migrants, Including Cubans, Halted in Chiapas Ahead of Mexico's Elections
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The National Institute of Migration (INM) and the National Guard (GN) conducted a highway operation this Saturday in the state of Chiapas to stop a caravan of hundreds of migrants, including Cubans, due to the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico this Sunday.

The caravan, consisting of hundreds of migrants from Cuba, Central America, and Venezuela, departed from the southern border with the goal of pressuring authorities. It stopped in Huixtla, about 40 kilometers from Tapachula, the largest city in Mexico near the border with Guatemala, reported EFE, cited by the news portal El Imparcial.

During the operation on the Villa Comaltitlán-Huixtla highway segment, at least four Venezuelans surrendered to migration authorities after officers promised assistance. A Cuban migrant, speaking anonymously due to fear of reprisals, claimed that INM agents had previously "deceived" them. They were promised relocation to other cities but were instead detained.

"They want to send us back again; they don't want us to move forward," the migrant asserted.

According to the testimony of a Honduran migrant named Gaby, the agents attempted to engage in a condescending dialogue and offered them transportation to Huixtla. However, they rejected the proposal and decided to continue walking, as reported by the telegraphic dispatch.

This Saturday, on the eve of the elections in Mexico, INM agents returned many families to Tapachula, while others who had already reached Mexico City were also sent back, added the Honduran woman. Instead of helping them progress, they are reversing the entire process that migrants have carried out so far, she emphasized.

Additionally, Juan, from Honduras, accused INM of trying to stop them but warned that the caravan would continue as soon as possible.

"All migrants are together; we will stay together in the name of Jesus Christ. It has become difficult because of the water and the children. If they truly want to help us, they should not separate from the caravan and should go with us wherever we go, and let the National Guard come with us," he emphasized.

Mexican authorities have intensified their security operations on highways and the southern border ahead of Sunday's elections, which will be the largest in the country's history with more than 98 million voters called to renew over 20,000 positions, including the presidency and Congress, EFE indicated.

The Mexican government increased the detection of irregular migrants by almost 200% annually in the first quarter of 2024, intercepting more than 360,000 migrants. Four sources familiar with the migration topic towards the United States confirmed last Thursday that the White House is preparing drastic measures at the border with Mexico, which would limit asylum applications and automatically deny entry to immigrants once the number of detainees by U.S. border agents exceeds a new daily threshold.

They stated that President Joe Biden could sign the executive order this Tuesday, according to The Associated Press (AP). The sources acknowledged that the number of illegal crossings at the border between the two countries has decreased in recent months, largely due to intensified efforts by Mexico.

In April, the presidents of the United States and Mexico announced that they would take immediate measures to "significantly" reduce irregular migrant crossings at the border between the two countries. Joe Biden and Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued a joint statement revealing that they spoke by phone on Sunday, April 28, about their ongoing commitment to strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation for the benefit of their peoples.

Key Questions About Migrant Caravans and Border Policies

Given the complexities surrounding migrant caravans and border policies, it's essential to address some pressing questions that many people have.

Why was the migrant caravan stopped in Chiapas?

The caravan was stopped due to heightened security measures ahead of Mexico's presidential elections.

What were the promises made by INM agents to the migrants?

INM agents promised to relocate the migrants to other cities but instead detained them.

What measures are being prepared by the US to address migration?

The US is preparing to limit asylum applications and automatically deny entry to immigrants once daily detainee numbers exceed a set threshold.

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