Rachel Arderi and Son Enjoy First Zoo Visit in Miami

Sunday, June 2, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Since arriving in the United States, Rachel Arderi, the wife of Oniel Bebeshito, and their son Yan Carlos Arderi have been relishing new experiences. This past weekend, they made their first visit to a zoo in Miami.

Rachel's Instagram documented this incredible and exciting outing, capturing mother and son amidst various animals. In one video, Rachel and Yan Carlos are seen feeding a giraffe from a balcony, bringing them eye-to-eye with the majestic creature.

"My son's happiness is indescribable," Rachel captioned the video, as Yan Carlos joyfully watched the giraffe take a lettuce leaf from his hand.

Bebeshito humorously commented, "They went to see me; that means Yan Carlitos misses me," comparing himself to the giraffe. This comparison stems from a story Rachel posted, showing the giraffe with a playful note to her husband: "This is you."

Oniel responded with a smiling emoji and asked their followers to react with a fire emoji if they agreed with the resemblance. Despite the distance separating them, the couple continues to display their bond and mutual longing on social media.

Just a few days ago, Rachel surprised Bebeshito by getting his name tattooed as a birthday gift for the reggaeton artist.

Rachel Arderi and Bebeshito's Miami Zoo Adventure

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rachel Arderi and Oniel Bebeshito's recent visit to a Miami zoo, their online interactions, and more.

What new experience did Rachel Arderi and her son have in Miami?

Rachel Arderi and her son, Yan Carlos, visited a zoo in Miami for the first time.

How did Bebeshito react to the zoo visit?

Bebeshito humorously commented that the giraffe reminded him of himself and asked followers to react with a fire emoji if they agreed.

What special gesture did Rachel Arderi make for Bebeshito?

Rachel Arderi surprised Bebeshito by getting his name tattooed as a birthday gift.

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