New Leopard Arrives at Sancti Spíritus Zoo

Friday, May 31, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

New Leopard Arrives at Sancti Spíritus Zoo
Leopard named Favio - Image by © Escambray

A young leopard named Favio has arrived at the Sancti Spíritus Zoo from Havana and is currently adapting to his new environment under supervision, according to specialists at the zoo. A report by the Escambray newspaper indicates that the cub was transferred from the Zoo of 26 in the nation's capital and is now "enjoying a spacious cage," where specialists are closely monitoring his behavior and development.

"Favio is growing rapidly, has gained body weight and muscle, his mood is good, and he remains calm despite being a ferocious animal," explained Taimí Mencía Venegas, director of the Sancti Spíritus Zoo Base Business Unit.

Zoo’s Commitment to Animal Welfare

The report asserts that the zoo houses over 140 animals from various species living in good conditions: "Under the shade of lush trees, these animals rest, feed, and thrive in good health, providing a natural spectacle that delights children and visitors of all ages," the publication stated.

The zoo has undertaken several improvement projects, including the repair of perimeter fences, seats, and walls, painting and restoration of hydraulic networks, along with cleaning and reforestation efforts. It is noted that the zoo's lions are adequately fed and successfully reproduce in captivity, reflecting the good health of the animals under the park's care.

Mencía Venegas assures that the nutrition of the animals is a priority, addressing the concerns of the Cuban population, who question the welfare of animals when food is scarce for people. "Overall, nutrition is ensured without difficulty. For carnivores, the established feeding cycle of five days a week is rigorously followed, with one day for dental care and another for fasting," the expert detailed.

The zoo also plans to increase its inventory of species, including the official purchase of a mule that has already given birth to a foal and the addition of zebras from the capital for the winter season. Recently, a lion named Jorgito was born and is currently in the nursing period. This zoo is also home to Pipito, the oldest chimpanzee in the country.

However, in February, a complaint surfaced regarding the poor living conditions of animals such as crocodiles and turtles, which lacked water in their ponds. The complainant mentioned that workers at the zoo stated that they receive water via tankers and that the ponds for these unfortunate animals have issues retaining water.

FAQs about Sancti Spíritus Zoo and Animal Welfare

To provide further insights into the conditions and management at the Sancti Spíritus Zoo, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

How is Favio, the new leopard, adapting to his new environment?

Favio is adapting well to his new environment. He has gained weight and muscle and maintains a calm demeanor despite being a naturally fierce animal.

What measures is the zoo taking to ensure the animals' welfare?

The zoo ensures good living conditions for over 140 animals, undertakes improvement projects, and follows a strict feeding schedule, especially for carnivores. They also focus on cleanliness, reforestation, and habitat maintenance.

What are the future plans for the zoo?

The zoo plans to increase its species inventory, including the addition of a mule and zebras. They also recently welcomed a lion cub named Jorgito and continue to care for Pipito, the oldest chimpanzee in Cuba.

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