Proud Moms! Rachel Cruz and Kary Bernal Celebrate Daughter's School Award

Friday, May 31, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Rachel Cruz and Kary Bernal are the proudest moms in the world after their daughter, little Alaia, was selected for the honor roll at her school. The actress and the presenter celebrated this achievement by sharing their joy on their Instagram profiles, showcasing the incomparable satisfaction and happiness that mothers feel when their children succeed in life.

In one of the photos, Alaia is seen with a captivating smile, dressed in her graduation outfit like a big girl. The couple also shared stories on the social media platform, featuring a video of the exact moment when Alaia received her recognition. In the background, applause and exclamations can be heard, likely coming from her enthusiastic moms.

During the celebration party, Rachel and Kary posed with their daughter, holding her award to create a lovely memory of this special moment. On May 31, Alaia will be turning five years old, and her academic achievement will be yet another reason to celebrate the occasion in grand style.

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