Missing Man in Cárdenas with Psychiatric Disorders: Community Seeks Help

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 by Richard Morales

Missing Man in Cárdenas with Psychiatric Disorders: Community Seeks Help
Carlos René Villanueva - Image © Cardenenses on Facebook / Facebook / Yazari Suárez

Cubans are taking to social media to seek assistance in locating a man from Matanzas with psychiatric disorders who has gone missing in Cárdenas. Yazari Suárez, a member of the Facebook group Cardenenses, shared photos of the man, known to many as Carlitos, who used to exchange money on Coronel Verdugo Street.

"Please, I need the collaboration of the people of Cárdenas and its surroundings. We need information on this person's whereabouts," Suárez pleaded. "His name is Carlos René Villanueva. He has been missing for seven days and has psychiatric issues. Any information will be helpful," she specified.

Several individuals who have known the young man since childhood expressed their sorrow over his disappearance and recounted the unfortunate events that may have led to his current health condition.

"We studied at the José Martí school. His mother died when he was just 16, and his uncle suffered from the same illness. Now, his cousins are abroad, and his sister left less than a year ago. He has destroyed his entire house," a Cardenense detailed.

"My God, how sad that he ended up this way. I remember him from secondary school; he used to roam around schools all the time. He was very handsome. I didn't know he had fallen mentally ill. God willing, he will be found safe and sound soon," another person commented.

"His grandparents lived next door to me, and I saw him every day. It breaks my heart to remember the child he was when we were in school. Poor thing. I used to give him little treats out of pity," another shared.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Disappearance of Carlos René Villanueva

Here are some common questions and answers regarding the disappearance of Carlos René Villanueva, who has been missing in Cárdenas. These may help provide more context and details for those looking to assist in the search.

Who is Carlos René Villanueva?

Carlos René Villanueva is a man from Matanzas, known locally as Carlitos, who has psychiatric disorders and has been missing for seven days. He was known for exchanging money on Coronel Verdugo Street in Cárdenas.

What led to Carlos René Villanueva's current condition?

Carlos experienced several traumatic events, including the death of his mother when he was 16 and the same illness affecting his uncle. His sister and cousins have also moved abroad, leading to further instability in his life.

How can the community help in locating Carlos René Villanueva?

Community members can assist by sharing information on social media, keeping an eye out in the local area, and reporting any sightings or information to the relevant authorities or the Facebook group Cardenenses.

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