Cuban Living in Switzerland Shares His Journey: "I've Learned So Much"

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Raymel Napoles, a Cuban resident in Switzerland, has shared a video on TikTok where he narrates his experiences in this European country. In his video, Napoles highlights both the positive and negative aspects of living in Switzerland. He begins by stating, "I am Cuban and I live in Switzerland, and I can tell you that Switzerland is a very beautiful country." He comments on how much he has learned and grown personally since his arrival. Moreover, he appreciates the country's organization, although he acknowledges that "despite all the good things, there are also bad things."

Napoles mentions the difference in obtaining nationality between Switzerland and the United States, noting that in Switzerland, it can take up to ten years, whereas in the U.S., it might be quicker if one behaves well. He also points out the challenges that immigrants face in Switzerland and the inability to play loud music at home. However, he expresses his satisfaction with the friendships he has made and his love for his native country, Cuba, despite the distance: "I am happy to live here because I have made new friends, but I also miss my country and suffer because of its situation."

Raymel's followers have reacted in various ways to his video. Some agreed with him about Switzerland's beauty and organization, sending greetings from different parts of the country. Others noted that loud music can be enjoyed in nightclubs and that "the thing about loud music is called education." There were also those who shared their own experiences with obtaining Swiss nationality, mentioning that some received citizenship in less time, while others emphasized the importance of patience and adapting to local norms.

A comment that sparked debate was from a user who mentioned that the organization and treatment in Switzerland are a matter of education and adaptation, while another stated, "I am Cuban, I live in Switzerland, and I play loud music in my house," referring to the possibility of enjoying certain freedoms.

Raymel thanked his followers for their comments and reflections, emphasizing that each country has its virtues and flaws, and that it is important to have a strong mindset to overcome difficulties. His video has sparked an active dialogue about the experiences of immigrants, reflecting the diverse perspectives and experiences of the Cuban community in Switzerland.

Experiences of Cuban Immigrants in Switzerland

Raymel Napoles' video has generated a lively discussion about the experiences of Cuban immigrants in Switzerland. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to provide more context and insights.

How long does it take to obtain Swiss nationality?

Obtaining Swiss nationality can take up to ten years, depending on various factors such as residency and adherence to local norms.

What challenges do immigrants face in Switzerland?

Immigrants in Switzerland may face challenges such as cultural adaptation, language barriers, and restrictions like the inability to play loud music at home.

How do Swiss and U.S. nationality processes differ?

The Swiss nationality process can take up to ten years, while in the U.S., it could be faster if the applicant meets certain behavioral criteria.

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