Cuban Expat in Spain: Overwhelmed by the Abundance in Stores and Supermarkets

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

A young Cuban woman living in the Canary Islands shared her experiences on TikTok, discussing the initial challenges and surprises she faced as a Cuban immigrant in Spain. "I am a Cuban in Spain and, of course, I went through a lot to leave Cuba and get here," begins the video shared by Sairis Castillo on TikTok, where she has also narrated other experiences like her first time taking a bus.

Adapting to life in Spain was not easy, especially during the first few months: "It was hard for me to get used to the two kisses, and I would leave people hanging." One of the most striking moments for her was her first visit to the beach: "I was shocked when I went to the beach for the first time and saw people going topless or naked, lying on the sand sunbathing."

Moreover, dealing with the technological advancements and well-developed systems also caused her some awkward moments: "I faced countless embarrassments with all the developed systems and technological advancements in this country." Communication, despite sharing the same language, presented its own set of challenges: "Sometimes we didn't understand each other, even though we spoke the same language."

Another surprising aspect for her was the abundance of products available in stores: "I was overwhelmed when I entered the stores and supermarkets and saw the vast array of things to choose from," she confessed in her testimony, where she also mentioned the sea water temperature and some xenophobic comments she has received. Despite these challenges, she assured that she loves Spain and its culture.

Her video, although from a personal perspective that not everyone may share, offers an additional view of the challenges Cuban immigrants face when adapting to a new life abroad.

Challenges Faced by Cuban Immigrants in Spain

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the experiences of Cuban immigrants adjusting to life in Spain:

What are some common challenges Cuban immigrants face in Spain?

Cuban immigrants often face challenges such as cultural adaptation, language barriers despite speaking the same language, and adjusting to technological advancements and well-developed systems.

How do Cuban immigrants feel about the abundance of products in Spanish stores?

Many Cuban immigrants, like Sairis Castillo, feel overwhelmed by the vast array of products available in Spanish stores and supermarkets, which contrasts sharply with their experiences in Cuba.

What impact does the cultural difference have on Cuban immigrants in Spain?

Cultural differences, such as social customs like greeting with two kisses and beach etiquette, can be shocking and require significant adjustment for Cuban immigrants.

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