Martha's Heartfelt Confession to Her "Grandson" Ariel: "What I Wanted Most in Life"

Monday, May 27, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Although they are physically separated by distance, Ariel Ramos Perdomo and Martha, the viral grandmother, have not lost touch. A video call between them can be as entertaining as any of the videos they starred in on social media, but it can also be filled with sadness and longing.

On Instagram, Martha's "grandson" shared a video of their conversation where she firmly tells him, "I'm fine. I know you don't want to be there, I know it. Come back here, come back here, you fool."

"I do want to be here," Ariel responds with laughter, to which she asks, "You really want to be there in that mess?"

"It's beautiful here, you have to come see it," Ariel says, trying to cheer her up, to which Martha replies, half-insulted, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm not going to see anything. You think that's beautiful? Look at how beautiful it is here too."

Despite Ariel's attempts to persuade her to visit the United States for a month, she firmly rejects the idea, stating she has no desire to see the country.

"This is the most beautiful thing we have here, and you had it too, you idiot, but you left because you felt like it," Martha asserts.

Ariel explains that he was granted parole, but Martha doesn't understand and insists he should have stayed with his "mamaíta": "Your mamaíta is me."

"What I wanted most in life and you left, you fool," Martha says, her insults masking the deep affection she feels for this grandson, who may not be related by blood but certainly is by heart. She even confesses that she has cried for him since his departure.

Martha and Ariel's Heartfelt Video Call: Key Questions Answered

This section addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about Martha and Ariel's touching relationship and their recent emotional video call.

Who is Martha in relation to Ariel Ramos Perdomo?

Martha is a viral grandmother who has become a cherished figure in Ariel Ramos Perdomo's life, acting as his "grandmother" despite not being related by blood.

Why does Martha refuse to visit the United States?

Martha refuses to visit the United States because she believes that her current surroundings are just as beautiful, if not more, and she has no desire to see the country.

What was Ariel's response to Martha's insistence on staying?

Ariel tried to cheer Martha up by telling her how beautiful the United States is and encouraging her to visit, but she remained unconvinced.

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