Jacksonville Police "Detain" Alligator at 104-Year-Old Woman's Home

Monday, May 27, 2024 by Richard Morales

A 104-year-old woman experienced an unusual intrusion last Monday when a five-foot alligator entered her property in Jacksonville, Florida, causing her extreme fright.

Officers Kopp and Johnson responded to the elderly lady's call. Her home is located near Atlantic Boulevard and Art Museum Drive, according to a post by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Instagram. "We can't handcuff it," they remarked.

To safely remove the alligator from the centenarian's home, they enlisted the help of trapper Mike Dragich, who humorously bid the alligator farewell: “See you later.” After immobilizing the reptile and securing its jaws, the police officers recorded a lighthearted video, which was later shared on the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office social media platforms.

In the video, an officer can be heard telling the alligator, "You're under arrest. You need to leave grandmothers alone. We're taking you downtown. Let's go." The social media post sparked controversy as some users commented that these animals are often euthanized after capture. Addressing the criticism, officials clarified, "This alligator was released."

Recently, a Florida resident had a terrifying encounter with a ten-foot alligator swimming in his pool. The incident happened in New Smyrna Beach, and according to the homeowner, the astonishing part was how the alligator got in: “It didn't tear anything up or cause any damage, it just pushed the section of protective mesh,” reported News 6.

Alligator Incidents in Florida: Key Information

Given the frequency of alligator sightings and encounters in Florida, it's important to understand the details surrounding these events. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that provide more insight.

What should you do if you encounter an alligator on your property?

If you find an alligator on your property, it's crucial to stay calm and avoid approaching it. Contact local wildlife authorities or the police for assistance.

Are all captured alligators euthanized?

Not all captured alligators are euthanized. Many are relocated to safer areas away from human habitation, as was the case with the alligator in Jacksonville.

How do alligators typically enter residential areas?

Alligators can enter residential areas through various means, such as pushing through weak spots in fences or protective meshes, or even through open gates or garages.

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