Young Cuban Contestant on La Voz Kids Spain Delivers Stunning Rendition of David Bisbal's Hit

Monday, May 27, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

The young Cuban talent, Dayana Riverón, a contestant on La Voz Kids Spain 2024, captivated her followers with an emotional rendition of the song "Dígale," a hit popularized by her coach, David Bisbal. On her social media, the 14-year-old shared her beautiful version even before knowing she would be part of Bisbal's team, suggesting she has always had a fondness for the Spanish singer.

Riverón posted a video on her Instagram story showing her performing "Dígale" on a beach. The song, composed by Christian Leuzzi and Gustavo Santander, showcased the full range and depth of her voice.

Recently, the teenager expressed her love for mariachi music by sharing an exquisite rendition of "Si nos dejan" by composer José Alfredo Jiménez on Instagram. "Today I dared to return to the mariachi genre that I love so much," she wrote in her post.

On Sunday, Riverón posted another message on Instagram: "Team Bisbal complete!!! Ready for the battles?" expressing her excitement and readiness to advance to the next stages of La Voz Kids 2024 in Spain.

During the blind auditions last April, the young singer performed "Te esperaba" by Carlos Rivera, enchanting both David Bisbal and Melendi. The coaches turned their chairs almost instantly, deeply impressed by Riverón's magnificent voice, which she showcased to millions of viewers on the competition program aired on Antena 3.

Although the other judges, Lola and Rosario, didn't press their buttons, they expressed their admiration for the young contestant's talent. After her performance, Dayana revealed that, although she is of Cuban origin, she currently resides in Gran Canaria.

Dayana Riverón's Journey on La Voz Kids

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dayana Riverón and her participation in La Voz Kids Spain 2024.

Who is Dayana Riverón?

Dayana Riverón is a 14-year-old Cuban contestant on La Voz Kids Spain 2024, known for her powerful voice and emotional performances.

What song did Dayana Riverón perform during the blind auditions?

During the blind auditions, Dayana performed "Te esperaba" by Carlos Rivera, impressing coaches David Bisbal and Melendi.

What genre of music does Dayana Riverón love?

Dayana Riverón has expressed her love for mariachi music, sharing a beautiful rendition of "Si nos dejan" on Instagram.

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