Yexel Announces Remix of Viral Hit "Maquillaje" Featuring Myke Towers and Nio García

Monday, May 27, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

The rise of Cuban music in the global urban scene shows no signs of slowing down. The latest evidence is the viral hit "Maquillaje" by Ecuadorian artist Renn and Cuban singer Yexel Díez, which is set to get a remix featuring two major reggaeton stars: Myke Towers and Nio García.

After much anticipation regarding the collaborators for the remix of "Maquillaje," a track that exploded on TikTok, the young Cuban artist from the Isle of Youth revealed that Puerto Rican artists Myke Towers and Nio García will join him on his viral song. This announcement has sparked pride among many Cubans who follow Yexel's career. Comments like "It's great to see Cubans succeeding and reaching where we deserve," "This is exactly what Cuba needed, an international sound and respected collaborations," "The pride of the Isle and Cubita, great kid," and "The best of Cuba right now," can be seen alongside previews of the upcoming song.

Moreover, Yexel Díez has the support of his compatriot Yomil Hidalgo, who responded in the comment section saying, "Represent the flag of the Isle of Youth proudly to the world, congratulations, brother." The song "Maquillaje" currently boasts over 60 million streams on Spotify, a figure that predicts great success for its international remix. Are you excited to hear the result of this collaboration?

Frequently Asked Questions about Yexel's Remix of "Maquillaje"

Here we address some common questions about the upcoming remix of "Maquillaje" featuring Myke Towers and Nio García.

Who are the artists featured in the remix of "Maquillaje"?

The remix of "Maquillaje" will feature Puerto Rican reggaeton stars Myke Towers and Nio García.

How popular is the original "Maquillaje" song?

The original "Maquillaje" song has garnered over 60 million streams on Spotify.

What platform did "Maquillaje" first gain popularity on?

"Maquillaje" first gained significant popularity on TikTok.

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