Cuban Man Plucks Black Vulture in Villa Clara Park to Make Soup

Sunday, May 26, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

A Cuban resident of the Manicaragua municipality in Villa Clara province plucked a black vulture, claiming that the bird makes "the best soup." A TikTok user known as yosvanmunoz posted a video this Saturday showing an elderly man plucking a black vulture in a park named La Chispa.

This article contains descriptions and images that may be disturbing to some readers. It includes graphic content about the process of preparing animals for consumption. Viewer discretion is advised.

"I pluck it completely, pass it over firewood to burn all the feathers, remove its innards, and make it into soup," the man explained while the video shows him preparing the bird for cooking. Unconcerned about being in public, the man added, "The best soups in the world are made from these, got it?"

As Cuba's economic crisis deepens, severely affecting people's nutrition—especially vulnerable groups—some resort to extreme measures like consuming cats, dogs, and even black vultures as a means of survival.

Last November, a Cuban resident of Palma Soriano in Santiago de Cuba caught a black vulture, cooked it, and ate it. Jeissy Borrell Gámez, a native of Santiago and a resident of Houston, Texas, shared several photos and a video showing a man known as El Nene displaying the bird to several people on the street.

"If you eat that vulture, you become a vulture," a woman remarked, to which he merely laughed and walked away.

Controversy Over Animal Welfare in Cuba

Recently, various social media posts about the slaughter of dogs for meat sales in certain areas of Mayabeque prompted a government response. An official statement from the Ministry of Agriculture addressed incidents against animal welfare that occurred in the San José de las Lajas municipality.

The government communiqué condemned the "slaughter of dogs in that area," describing it as "an affront to all health and animal welfare standards, violating the ethical and moral principles of our society." According to the note, the Ministry of Agriculture strongly condemned the incident, labeling it as unfortunate, and announced that investigations would be conducted by the National Animal Health Center (CENASA).

Understanding Cuba's Food Crisis and Animal Welfare Issues

Here are some common questions and answers about the food crisis in Cuba and the related animal welfare issues.

Why are some Cubans resorting to eating animals like black vultures?

The severe economic crisis in Cuba has drastically affected food availability, pushing some people to extreme measures to survive, including consuming animals not typically considered food.

What actions has the Cuban government taken regarding animal welfare?

The Ministry of Agriculture has condemned incidents of animal slaughter that violate health and welfare standards, and has pledged to conduct thorough investigations through the National Animal Health Center (CENASA).

Is eating black vultures a common practice in Cuba?

No, it is not common. However, due to the economic hardships, some individuals have resorted to eating unconventional animals like black vultures to cope with food shortages.

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