Oniel Bebeshito Reacts to Pregnant Partner's Photos: "My Little One is Growing Up"

Sunday, May 26, 2024 by Richard Morales

Oniel Bebeshito Reacts to Pregnant Partner's Photos: "My Little One is Growing Up"
Oniel Bebeshito melts over photos of his pregnant partner - Image © Collage Instagram Oniel Bebeshito / Rachel Arderi

From Miami, where she arrived a few days ago with her eldest son, Rachel Arderi proudly displayed her six months of pregnancy with photos that have melted hearts on social media, including that of her partner, reggaeton artist Oniel Bebeshito.

"Six months already," wrote the young model in the snapshots, posing radiantly in a tight navy blue jumpsuit that highlights not only her pregnancy but also her sensual curves. Among the more than 900 comments that followed her post—which currently has over 40,000 likes in 16 hours—one particularly sweet message stood out from the artist and father of the baby girl in her womb.

"My two loves in one photo. Mine," he commented with a heart emoji. "My darling, we love you," she replied.

In his stories, the young reggaeton artist—currently on tour in Europe—shared one of the sweet images, along with the excited message, "My little one is growing up."

A few days earlier, Rachel had updated her followers on how her first few days in Miami had been and explained why she had been away from social media. Upon her arrival, she had suffered some health issues, although she was happily better now, ready to take care of herself and be well to face this final trimester of pregnancy and enjoy it.

"I thank God for being here, for being with my parents, which is what I wanted so much, and for having the baby girl in my womb in this country. Because really, where I was before wasn't the best, you all know that, although I don't like to talk about it on social media," she said in several videos uploaded through her stories. She announced that she would detail how she had arrived in Miami, reflected on her early days, and expressed gratitude for what she has achieved and her focus on moving forward.

Oniel Bebeshito and Rachel Arderi's Journey

Here are some frequently asked questions about Oniel Bebeshito and Rachel Arderi's recent updates and their journey as a family.

How many months pregnant is Rachel Arderi?

Rachel Arderi is currently six months pregnant.

Where is Oniel Bebeshito currently touring?

Oniel Bebeshito is currently on tour in Europe.

Why was Rachel Arderi away from social media?

Rachel Arderi was away from social media due to some health issues she experienced upon arriving in Miami.

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