Young Spanish Woman Goes Viral on TikTok Dancing with Her Cuban Grandmother

Sunday, May 26, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Ainara Quesada, a Spanish TikToker, has garnered a flood of praise and blessings for her Cuban grandmother after sharing two videos of the elderly woman dancing. In the first video, Ainara asks her, "Grandma, dance however you like," referring to her dad's Cuban mom as "the person I most resemble."

In just one day, the heartwarming moment amassed more than three million views, 456,000 likes, and nearly 5,000 comments. Users showered the grandmother with compliments for her rhythm and elegance as she danced to "Oh qué será" by Willie Colón, and praised Ainara for cherishing such special moments with her.

Following the success of the initial video, Ainara shared another clip of them dancing salsa together. "I don't remember anyone teaching me how to dance salsa; you either have it or you don't, hahaha," she wrote in the video description. In this clip, the duo danced to "Una vida pasada" by Camilo and Carín León.

Born in Spain to a Cuban father and a Spanish mother, Ainara recently shared the story of how her parents met in Havana in the late '90s and their eventual love story, even though they are no longer together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ainara Quesada and Her Viral TikTok Videos

Here are some common questions and answers regarding Ainara Quesada's viral TikTok videos featuring her Cuban grandmother.

Who is Ainara Quesada?

Ainara Quesada is a Spanish TikToker known for sharing heartwarming videos, including those featuring her Cuban grandmother.

What songs did Ainara and her grandmother dance to?

They danced to "Oh qué será" by Willie Colón and "Una vida pasada" by Camilo and Carín León.

How did Ainara's parents meet?

Ainara's parents met in Havana in the late '90s, and although they are no longer together, their love story remains a significant part of her life.

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