Elderly Man Found Safe After Being Reported Missing in Santiago de Cuba

Saturday, May 25, 2024 by Alex Smith

Elderly Man Found Safe After Being Reported Missing in Santiago de Cuba
Elderly Man Missing - Image © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

The 75-year-old Cuban man, Juan Gallo Bell, who had been missing since May 23rd in Santiago de Cuba, was found safe this past Saturday, his family confirmed.

"He is stable. When they found him, he seemed scared, but now he's speaking loudly and everything," reported his niece, who had initially reported his disappearance, to journalist Yosmany Mayeta. Gallo Bell, who suffers from diabetes and senile dementia, was last seen on Thursday at 9:30 AM at the corner of his house located on Siboney Road at kilometer 1, Loma de San Juan, and was found near the J Buildings in the José Martí District, according to an independent reporter on Facebook.

The family had clarified that despite his senile dementia, "he is not an aggressive person." Reports of missing individuals in Cuba have become increasingly frequent in recent months, along with the posting of help requests on social media to gather information, all amid a context of rising violence in the country.

A portion of these systematic reports of disappearances is related to individuals with conditions or disabilities that make them more prone to going missing. Recently, a happy ending was reported for an 18-year-old autistic young man from Matanzas who had been away from home for nearly a week and was eventually found safe and sound.

Key Information About Missing Persons in Cuba

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the issue of missing persons in Cuba, especially those with medical conditions or disabilities.

What are the common conditions associated with missing persons in Cuba?

Many of the missing persons reports involve individuals with conditions such as senile dementia, autism, or other disabilities that increase their risk of becoming disoriented and lost.

How has the increase in violence in Cuba affected the frequency of missing persons reports?

The rising violence in Cuba has contributed to a higher number of missing persons reports, as families often turn to social media to seek help in finding their loved ones.

What should families do if a loved one goes missing in Cuba?

Families should report the disappearance to local authorities immediately and utilize social media platforms to spread the word and gather information from the community.

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