Cuban Influencer Listillo Helps the Homeless in Panama

Saturday, May 25, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Youtuber Iván Valdés Permuy, known online as Listillo Cubano, distributed food and money to the homeless in Panama, where he was apparently visiting. The influencer, who boasts 3.1 million followers on Facebook, ventured into a neighborhood heavily populated by those living on the streets, many of whom expressed their hunger.

Listillo purchased several food combos from a local business and handed them out to the needy. Additionally, he provided money to others so they could buy food. The young influencer has won the hearts of thousands of Cubans with his prank videos, antics, hidden cameras, and social experiments conducted both within and outside the island.

Recently, he gave a box to some children, telling them it contained abandoned puppies, to highlight the innocence of childhood. The kids eagerly took the box, promising to care for the puppies, only to discover later that it was filled with rocks, much to their amusement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Listillo Cubano's Outreach in Panama

Below are some common questions and answers regarding Listillo Cubano's recent efforts to help the homeless in Panama.

Who is Listillo Cubano?

Listillo Cubano is the online persona of Iván Valdés Permuy, a popular Cuban youtuber known for his prank videos, social experiments, and charitable acts.

What did Listillo Cubano do in Panama?

During his visit to Panama, Listillo Cubano distributed food and money to the homeless in a neighborhood where many people live on the streets.

How many followers does Listillo Cubano have?

Listillo Cubano has a substantial following, with 3.1 million followers on Facebook.

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