Antolín El Pichón Gets a Glam Makeover by El Divo: "From a Distance"

Saturday, May 25, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

If we ever thought nothing could surprise us more about Eduardo Antonio and Antolín El Pichón, we were completely mistaken. Both artists starred in a scene that will remain memorable for many for quite some time.

Antolín, dressed as a woman, allowed El Divo to give him a makeover, and not just any makeover; he let him make some significant changes to his look. In the images, you can see the moment when Eduardo places a blue feathered hat on Antolín, one of those that grabs attention from miles away. El Divo paints Antolín's lips a striking red and even touches his cheeks to make him pucker up for a kiss.

The singer's kiss suggestion worried Antolín a bit, who immediately responded with a "from a distance." At the end of the video, the artists are seen laughing and enjoying the moment, and Eduardo Antonio's followers on Instagram were just as entertained.

This duo has given the audience many fun moments. On one occasion, El Divo taught Antolín some forbidden dance moves, and on another, they put on a runway show reminiscent of the biggest stars.

Antolín El Pichón and El Divo's Surprising Makeover Moment

Here are some frequently asked questions about the recent makeover moment between Antolín El Pichón and El Divo.

Who are Eduardo Antonio and Antolín El Pichón?

Eduardo Antonio, known as El Divo, is a Cuban singer and entertainer, while Antolín El Pichón is a popular Cuban comedian and actor.

What was unique about the makeover video?

The video was unique because it featured Antolín dressed as a woman and receiving a dramatic makeover from El Divo, including a blue feathered hat and striking red lipstick.

How did Antolín react to the makeover?

Antolín was initially worried about the kiss suggestion, responding with "from a distance," but eventually, both artists laughed and enjoyed the moment.

How did the audience react to the video?

Eduardo Antonio's followers on Instagram were highly entertained by the video and the playful interaction between the two artists.

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