Heydy González and Family Celebrate Another Academic Achievement by Galilea

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Galilea, the daughter of Heydy González, has once again been selected for the honor roll at her school, and the proud mom couldn't help but share the news on social media. The entire family went to the school to celebrate this new academic achievement with the young girl, and Heydy's Instagram captured this very special moment.

"My princess once again on the Superior Honor Roll at her school. And we celebrate once more the blessing of having you, my beautiful girl. It is a privilege to be your mom. Thank you for so many joys, for filling us with so much pride, for being the studious and intelligent little girl that you are, but above all, for all your love and the kindness of your heart," the actress wrote in an emotional post on that social network.

"We will always be here for you, applauding each of your triumphs. We know you will have a wonderful future," she assured her daughter.

The images show the moment when Galilea receives her recognition, with her mom, her grandparents, and Eddy Borges, Heydy's partner, beaming with pride. Heydy often celebrates each of her daughter's school achievements. Recently, the young girl achieved a level 5 in mathematics, and her mom couldn't have been prouder.

Galilea's Academic Success

Here are some key questions and answers about Galilea's recent achievements and the family's reaction:

What recent achievement did Galilea accomplish?

Galilea was selected for the honor roll at her school once again.

How did Heydy González react to her daughter's achievement?

Heydy González shared her pride and joy on Instagram, celebrating her daughter's success with an emotional post.

Who attended the celebration at the school?

Heydy González, her parents, and Eddy Borges, her partner, attended the celebration at the school.

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