Heavy Collision Between Classic Car and Tourist Vehicle in Pinar del Río

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

A serious accident occurred at the intersection of Yagruma Street and the road to San Juan y Martínez, involving a Chevrolet and a modern Dongfeng Aeolus, with no reported casualties. The incident took place on Thursday afternoon when the Chinese car ran a red light and struck the rear side of the Chevrolet, which ended up embedded in the wall of a house, according to witnesses in the Facebook group "ACCIDENTES BUSES & CAMIONES, por más experiencia y menos víctimas."

Witnesses also confirmed that there were no fatalities, only significant damage to both vehicles. The classic car was removed from the scene with the help of a truck, and a video posted online highlighted the disheartened expression of its driver, an elderly man. Onlookers tried to console him, assuring that "everything can be replaced."

Dozens of netizens have commented on the post, criticizing that those who rent cars for tourism in the island often drive at excessive speeds and are frequently involved in unfortunate incidents.

"You have to be careful. Your vacation can be ruined in a matter of seconds," said one user.

"I hope everyone is okay. But another Dongfeng involved. Out of five accidents, three involve one of those cars," commented another.

Key Questions About the Pinar del Río Car Accident

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the recent car accident in Pinar del Río involving a Chevrolet and a Dongfeng Aeolus.

Were there any casualties in the Pinar del Río accident?

No, there were no casualties reported in the accident.

What caused the accident?

The accident was caused by the Dongfeng Aeolus running a red light.

What were the damages?

There were significant damages to both vehicles, and the Chevrolet was embedded in the wall of a house.

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