Mother Fatally Stabbed by Ex-Partner in Santiago de Cuba

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Aaron Delgado

Mother Fatally Stabbed by Ex-Partner in Santiago de Cuba
Entrance of the hospital where the victim was admitted (left) and The victim with her son (right) - Image © Collage Facebook Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

María Emilia Sabigne, who was stabbed by her ex-partner early Thursday morning in Santiago de Cuba, has died as of Friday, according to an update on social media by journalist Yosmany Mayeta. Sabigne, a mother of three children, was attacked in the neck with a knife by Yoel Menéndez Rivera, her former partner, while she was waiting for transportation with her current partner and youngest child.

The 38-year-old victim had previously filed a complaint with the police, "but the authorities did nothing about it," noted Mayeta Labrada. Following the assault, Maria Emilia Sabigne was admitted to Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital, where her family was left "in total despair upon receiving the news of her passing," according to the source.

"Personally, this incident deeply affects me because Maria Emilia was my friend, and I studied with her cousins. I remember her fondly as a charming woman. We always greeted each other and caught up whenever we met," added the journalist, who is calling for justice and for the full weight of the law to be applied to the murderer, who did not consider his own child when attacking the mother.

Maria Emilia Sabigne, who resided in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood, was stabbed shortly before 7 a.m. on Thursday while waiting at "La Rotonda" on Morro Road for a bus to her workplace. According to witness accounts, the man attempted to slit her throat and managed to injure her neck, but the quick intervention of bystanders prevented him from achieving his goal.

A video shared by Yosmany Mayeta captured the moments following the attempted femicide. The footage, recorded from a distance, shows the woman on the ground being helped by several people.

A source familiar with the family revealed that Maria Emilia, who was reportedly employed at the Repair Company located on the Mar Verde road, had filed a police report on Monday, possibly due to previous threats from her ex-partner. Neither feminist platforms nor official media outlets have reported on the incident so far.

As of May 6, the number of verified femicides by feminist platforms in Cuba in 2024 stood at 18 fatalities, three attempted femicides, and five cases requiring police investigation. The murder of Maria Emilia Sabigne would raise the number of gender-based violence fatalities on the island this year to 18.

In 2023, Cuba reported the highest number of femicides in a single year—89 in total—according to records kept by the Altas Tensas Gender Observatory (OGAT) and the YoSíTeCreo en Cuba (YSTCC) platform since 2019. The Cuban regime does not recognize the crime of femicide in the current Penal Code, which was approved in May 2022.

Understanding the Tragic Death of María Emilia Sabigne

Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the tragic incident involving María Emilia Sabigne.

What happened to María Emilia Sabigne?

María Emilia Sabigne was fatally stabbed by her ex-partner, Yoel Menéndez Rivera, in Santiago de Cuba while waiting for transportation with her current partner and youngest child.

Had María Emilia reported her ex-partner before the incident?

Yes, María Emilia had previously filed a complaint with the police regarding threats from her ex-partner, but the authorities took no action.

How did bystanders respond during the attack?

Bystanders intervened quickly, preventing the assailant from fully carrying out his intent to slit María Emilia's throat, though she was still severely injured.

What is the status of femicide recognition in Cuba's legal system?

The Cuban regime does not recognize femicide as a specific crime in its Penal Code, which was approved in May 2022.

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