New Arrival Cuban Falls Victim to Deportation Prank, Reaction Goes Viral

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Alex Smith

A Cuban newcomer to the United States found himself the target of a phone prank by his friends, an incident he's sure to remember for the rest of his life due to its significant nature.

The young man received a supposed call from the government, informing him that he was about to be deported back to the island because of his alleged ties with the Cuban government. The information took him by surprise, especially since he had only been on U.S. soil for a few days, waiting to legalize his status.

The friend, who secretly recorded the entire scene using his mobile phone, couldn't stop laughing, although he tried to make it seem like he was nervous due to the seriousness of the call. What the newly arrived Cuban didn't know was that it was all a joke. By the end of the video, uploaded to the TikTok account identified as @yelroykingofkings, viewers can see his deep concern over the news of his impending deportation.

FAQs on Deportation Prank on Newly Arrived Cuban

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the viral prank on a newly arrived Cuban in the United States.

Who was the target of the prank?

The prank targeted a Cuban young man who had recently arrived in the United States.

What was the prank about?

The prank involved a fake phone call from the government, informing the young man that he was to be deported due to alleged ties with the Cuban government.

Where was the video of the prank uploaded?

The video was uploaded to a TikTok account identified as @yelroykingofkings.

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