Amanda, Cuban Girl, Leaves Hospital for the First Time Since Arriving in Spain

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Emily Vargas

Amanda, Cuban Girl, Leaves Hospital for the First Time Since Arriving in Spain
Amanda Lemus with her parents around the hospital where she is admitted in Madrid - Image © Facebook/Lara Crofs

Amanda Lemus Ortiz, a Cuban girl who underwent a liver transplant in Spain in March, continues to show signs of recovery. Her parents recently took her for a walk and some sun outside the hospital in Madrid, where she is still admitted.

"The baby's recovery is progressing; it's visibly noticeable how much her health has improved. She has gained weight, looks different, and her eyes tell the story," reported activist Yamilka Laffita (Lara Crofs) on Friday. Laffita shared two beautiful photos of Amanda with her parents in a stroller.

However, Laffita noted that "the doctors warn that there is still a long way to go, at least three more months before she can be discharged," although she added that "everything has been going as expected."

"Amanda is eating well, has completely normal bowel movements, and her overall health parameters are good," she pointed out. "On Monday, she will have a minor check-up because her bile duct is dilating due to the heavy antibiotics. Remember, she arrived at La Paz with the Escherichia coli bacteria, which required strong antibiotics to eliminate it from her system," she explained.

"Mila Ortiz and Emmanuel Lemus couldn't be happier with the results of #AmandaVive's recovery. These exemplary parents did everything within their power, supported by a vast community of Cubans spread across the globe, to save their daughter's life. The dream has come true, and Amanda, along with her family, has a new chance for a fresh start.

Personally, I am immensely grateful for the support and concern of everyone who helped and participated in this massive effort. I never miss an opportunity to say thank you," concluded Lara Crofs with a hopeful message.

Recently, a brief video was released showing Amanda smiling with her father, who was the donor for the transplant after the Cuban health system practically abandoned her, and the united effort of thousands of Cubans made her journey to Europe and the surgical process possible.

Multiple Surgeries and Complications

Since her first surgery in March to correct bile duct atresia, Amanda has had to return to the operating room three more times. The last one was on April 4th to drain a large amount of bile and stop the bleeding.

Two weeks later, she was moved from intensive care to a recovery room at La Paz Hospital in the Spanish capital.

In the last 15 days, Amanda has shown remarkable improvement: she eats solid foods, has an appetite, gains weight, is in good spirits, and her eyes are no longer yellow.

However, it is confirmed that her stay at the medical center will be extended indefinitely due to the severe condition she was in when she arrived in Spain, which astonished the doctors. They mentioned that "precious time had been lost."

The GoFundMe campaign raised over $28,000 to make the process possible, although family, friends, and people close to the situation are trying to help her parents financially, as they have to sustain themselves there without employment or any source of income.

Amanda Lemus Ortiz's Recovery

Below are some questions and answers about Amanda's recovery and her medical journey.

Why did Amanda need a liver transplant?

Amanda needed a liver transplant due to bile duct atresia, a condition that blocked her bile ducts and led to liver damage.

How has Amanda's health improved since the transplant?

Amanda has shown significant improvements, including weight gain, normal bowel movements, a better appetite, and a healthier appearance overall.

What challenges does Amanda still face in her recovery?

Amanda still faces challenges such as a dilating bile duct due to heavy antibiotic use and the need for prolonged medical supervision to ensure full recovery.

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