Cuban TikToker Goes Viral with Hilarious Take on Breaking Up with Cuban Women

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Charlotte Gomez

How do you break up with a Cuban woman? This is the question that Cuban TikToker, known on the platform as @jacolove7, attempts to answer. According to this young man, simply getting rid of or breaking up with a Cuban woman is very challenging. In his opinion, they tend to be very persistent and will do anything to keep you by their side.

The Cuban's video is going viral on TikTok with thousands of views due to his humor and perspective based on his experiences with women. However, his female audience, for the most part, disagrees with his claims. They believe that most Cuban women leave a relationship for good when it no longer suits them.

"I'm Cuban and I'm not like that," "Well, I'm Cuban and I'm the one who leaves quickly. There are plenty more out there," "I'm Cuban, I'd never think of doing that," and "He's not talking about Cuban women because we're not like that," are some of the comments found on the post.

Insights on Cuban Relationships from TikTok Sensation

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the viral TikTok video and the perceptions it has sparked regarding Cuban relationships.

Why is @jacolove7's video so popular on TikTok?

The video has gone viral due to its humorous take and relatable content based on personal experiences, which has resonated with many viewers.

What do Cuban women think about @jacolove7's views?

Most Cuban women disagree with his claims, asserting that they leave relationships when they see no benefit in staying.

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