Joan Laporta Dismisses Xavi Hernández as Barcelona Head Coach

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Madison Pena

Joan Laporta Dismisses Xavi Hernández as Barcelona Head Coach
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The Football Club Barcelona (FCB) announced this Friday that club president Joan Laporta has decided that Xavi Hernández will not continue as the head coach of the first team for the 2024-25 season. "FC Barcelona wishes to thank Xavi for his work as coach, which adds to an unparalleled career as a player and captain of the team, and wishes him all the best," read the brief press release issued by Barça.

The meeting where the dismissal was disclosed took place at the Joan Gamper Sports City, attended by Rafa Yuste, vice president of sports; Anderson Luís de Souza (Deco), sporting director; as well as Xavi's assistants, Òscar Hernández and Sergio Alegre. Xavi Hernández will coach his last match as the first team's head coach this Sunday, May 26, in Seville.

Although the official statement indicated that FC Barcelona will announce the new structure of the first team in the coming days, Sport reported that German coach Hans Flick has agreed to sign for a salary 30% lower than what Xavi Hernández was set to receive next season. Flick is expected to sign a two-year contract until 2026. It remains to be seen whether the two years are guaranteed or if Barça will opt for a 1+1 formula, with the second year contingent on achieving specific objectives, noted the source.

Tense Atmosphere Surrounds Dismissal Announcement

Regarding the atmosphere of Friday's meeting, Sport reported that Laporta left without speaking, along with a very serious Rafael Yuste. It is presumed that the meeting with Xavi was marked by tension. Xavi Hernández is expected to address the press this Saturday at the Ciutat Esportiva ahead of Barça's match against Sevilla.

Due to the lack of a mutual agreement, Xavi will have to continue his duties to receive the remaining year of his contract for himself and his staff. The announcement comes just days after Xavi made comments that displeased the board, citing the club's economic reasons to justify the poor results. On that occasion, Xavi stated that the fans must understand "the situation is very difficult" and that financially, it is not comparable to 25 years ago when the coach could request any player he wanted and get them.

Xavi Hernández's Departure from FC Barcelona

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Xavi Hernández's dismissal as the head coach of FC Barcelona and the subsequent changes within the club.

Why was Xavi Hernández dismissed as Barcelona's head coach?

Xavi Hernández was dismissed due to the club's poor performance and economic reasons cited by the board.

Who is expected to replace Xavi Hernández?

German coach Hans Flick is expected to replace Xavi Hernández, signing a two-year contract with FC Barcelona.

When will Xavi Hernández coach his last game for Barcelona?

Xavi Hernández will coach his last game on Sunday, May 26, in Seville.

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