Mother Arrested in Hialeah for Alleged Neglect of Her Two Children

Friday, May 24, 2024 by Daniel Vasquez

Mother Arrested in Hialeah for Alleged Neglect of Her Two Children
Mother arrested/Bus stop where the incident occurred - Image © Screenshot/Local 10, Google Maps

A woman identified as Morgan Taylor Jones, aged 32, was arrested in Miami after leaving one of her children at a bus stop. The mother, who had arrived in Florida with her two children last Wednesday, faces two counts of child neglect for abandoning her 12-year-old son at a bus stop in Hialeah and keeping another 2-year-old child in poor hygienic conditions, according to Local 10.

Incident Details

According to an arrest report, on Thursday the older child argued with the woman at the bus stop, expressing his desire to return to his grandmother in Missouri. He checked his phone and saw it would take 20 days to walk to that state. The child then walked away from the bus stop located in front of Wendy’s at 1730 W. 49th St., near Westland Mall.

Authorities arrested Morgan Taylor Jones early Thursday morning, stating she allowed the child to remain alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The police reported that Jones called out the child's name as he walked away but never followed him.

The child called his grandmother around 9:00 PM to tell her what he was doing, but she advised him to find his mother. However, when the boy returned to the bus stop, Jones was no longer there. The child mentioned he couldn't call his mother because her phone was dead, and his own phone was about to die. Fortunately, he was allowed to charge his phone at Wendy’s, where he managed to share his location with his grandmother, who then alerted the Hialeah police for assistance.

Speaking with the police, the child revealed that he and his younger brother had not bathed in over a week and were unsure of where they would sleep that night. "Both victims had dirty clothes, their skin was covered in dirt, and they emitted a foul body odor due to lack of hygiene," the report stated.

As of last Friday, Jones was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with a bail set at $2,000.

FAQs on Child Neglect Case in Hialeah

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the recent child neglect case in Hialeah involving Morgan Taylor Jones.

What charges does Morgan Taylor Jones face?

Morgan Taylor Jones faces two counts of child neglect for abandoning her 12-year-old son at a bus stop and keeping her 2-year-old child in poor hygienic conditions.

Where were the children found?

The 12-year-old was found near a Wendy’s restaurant at 1730 W. 49th St., close to Westland Mall in Hialeah. The 2-year-old was also found in poor hygienic conditions.

What actions did the grandmother take?

The grandmother advised the 12-year-old to find his mother. When he couldn’t locate her, she alerted Hialeah police to rescue him.

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