Cubano Shares Harrowing Journey to the U.S.

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Grace Ramos

Migrating to the United States is a perilous path filled with numerous challenges, as documented by a Cuban individual who has shared a series of videos on social media detailing his stark journey.

The young man, known on Facebook as El Aldeanito Cubano, began his migration in May from Uruguay, where he had lived for five years, with the hope of reaching the United States. Each step of his journey is the subject of a new post.

“Uruguay, I will miss you. Five years you were with me,” he expressed in a video on the social network.

Since then, he has continuously shared posts on Facebook documenting his arduous journey from El Salvador to Mexico. His videos reveal the dangers of crossing rivers, the overcrowding in rest areas, and the risks faced on the roads.

“It is very hard what the Cuban goes through to achieve their dreams,” he noted on social media, highlighting the demands of irregular migration.

Last Friday, in a reel, the young man shared a message reflecting other harsh realities of migration: “Here with mosquitoes, no fan, dirt on my feet, unwashed, we will achieve our dream. My back can't take anymore from sleeping on the floor or cramped in a small truck.”

His latest post, made this Sunday, reads: “I am alone on this journey to move forward in the U.S., and I am a bit scared. This is my first experience; I don’t know what to do. May God help me, and may all those who care about me pray for me and for every Cuban who migrates for a better life. Amen.”

Throughout his journey, while expressing his hopes for a better future, the young man also reveals the anxieties that haunt him, reflecting another major issue faced by Cubans when emigrating.

While migrating to the United States through multiple countries is dangerous, using the maritime route is no less risky.

The sadness, fear, and above all, the anxiety felt by Cubans when deciding to flee on a raft are only surpassed by their desire for a better life, away from the homeland where misery, human rights violations, and lack of freedom prevail.

A TikTok user named marisleydy_en_hialeah shared a video this Monday, in which, in just a few seconds, one can feel the distress of a group of people, including Cubans, attempting to reach the U.S. shores on a raft.

Challenges Faced by Cuban Migrants

The following questions and answers provide further insight into the struggles and dangers faced by Cuban migrants on their journey to the United States.

What are the primary dangers faced by Cuban migrants?

Cuban migrants often face dangers such as crossing treacherous rivers, overcrowded rest areas, and hazardous roads. Additionally, those opting for the maritime route risk their lives on fragile rafts.

Why do Cubans choose to migrate to the United States?

Many Cubans migrate to the United States in search of a better life, escaping the dire conditions in their homeland, including poverty, human rights violations, and lack of freedom.

How do Cuban migrants document their journeys?

Many Cuban migrants document their journeys through social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, sharing videos and posts that highlight the challenges and dangers they face.

What kind of support do Cuban migrants seek during their journey?

Cuban migrants often seek support through prayers and encouragement from friends, family, and social media followers as they navigate their treacherous journey.

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