Cuban Athlete's World Championship Dreams Shattered by INDER

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Hannah Aguilar

Cuban Athlete's World Championship Dreams Shattered by INDER
Lemay Gutiérrez - Image from © Facebook Profile

The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation (INDER) has crushed the aspirations of Cuban freediver Lemay Gutiérrez to compete in the World Apnea Championship, according to a denunciation made by the athlete on his Facebook profile.

After citing budget constraints, the entity defended its decision using the economic crisis affecting the country, thereby disregarding the intense preparation undertaken by the double world runner-up in the specialty. Upon learning that he will not be participating from July 4 to 17 in Belgrade, Serbia, Gutiérrez lamented the stance of the governmental body, which also aims to prioritize athletes participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

"As many already know, I had the opportunity to compete last year, winning two silver medals and setting the current Pan American record. This year, I have prepared like never before, significantly improving my personal bests with a single goal (bringing back gold for Cuba)," he wrote.

He also acknowledged the enormous sacrifice it takes to "achieve an optimal condition," adding, "It hurts a lot and I feel very sad that these things happen. I don't know what will happen next... but believe me, I am in deep pain."

With this absence, the Cuban athlete loses the chance to qualify for the World Games, which will include Apnea, Apnea Adapted, and Finswimming in a pool, scheduled to take place from August 7 to 17, 2025 in Chengdu, China.

With over two decades of experience in diving and as a diving instructor at Hotel Memories Jibacoa, Gutiérrez holds the continental record in the dynamic monofin category, covering 213 meters in 3:00 minutes in a 50-meter pool.

According to specialized media, competitive apnea or freediving is a discipline based on voluntarily suspending one’s breath underwater and is divided into three main categories: static, dynamic, and depth. In the latter, Cuba enjoyed several years of outstanding performances by Déborah Andollo, who set more than 15 world records and is considered one of the great stars of underwater sports.

Understanding the Impact of INDER’s Decision on Cuban Athlete's Career

Here we address some frequently asked questions regarding the recent decision by INDER and its implications for Lemay Gutiérrez and Cuban sports.

Why did INDER decide not to support Lemay Gutiérrez for the World Apnea Championship?

INDER cited budget constraints and the ongoing economic crisis in Cuba as the primary reasons for not supporting Gutiérrez's participation in the World Apnea Championship.

What are the implications of this decision for Lemay Gutiérrez?

The decision means that Gutiérrez will miss the opportunity to compete in the World Apnea Championship and potentially qualify for the World Games in 2025, significantly impacting his career.

What events will be included in the World Games 2025 that Gutiérrez aimed to qualify for?

The World Games 2025 in Chengdu, China, will include Apnea, Apnea Adapted, and Finswimming events.

Who is Lemay Gutiérrez?

Lemay Gutiérrez is a renowned Cuban freediver and diving instructor with over two decades of experience, holding the continental record in the dynamic monofin category.

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