Nearly 33,000 Cuban Migrants Passed Through Honduras in 2024

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Alexander Flores

Nearly 33,000 Cuban Migrants Passed Through Honduras in 2024
Migrants in Honduras - Image © Proceso Digital

Nearly 33,000 Cuban migrants have been registered by Honduran immigration authorities so far in 2024, according to data from the National Institute of Migration (INM)

Regarding Cuba, the largest number of encounters occurred last March, with 7,991. In January, 5,240 were recorded; in February, 6,735; in April, 7,261; and up until May 19, 5,524. These records are significantly lower than reality. The United States reports monthly figures that triple those provided by Honduras, which could indicate that thousands of immigrants cross the country illegally without being detected.

The INM reported that the 201,024 migrants who entered the country from January 1 to May 19 represent 100,977 more foreigners than the 100,047 who entered during the same period in 2023. The majority of travelers are Venezuelans (93,133), Cubans (32,751), Ecuadorians (13,368), and Haitians (13,025). They are followed by Colombians (9,723) and Chinese (6,994), according to the report. The remaining 32,030 migrants who entered Honduran territory come from more than thirty countries worldwide, including Asian and African nations.

Honduran territory has become a transit point for migrants in recent decades. In 2023, a total of 85,969 Cubans traversed that country, making them the second-largest nationality of irregular migrants passing through that Central American nation en route to the United States. For Cubans, the journey begins with a flight to Nicaragua, from where they start their trek through Central America.

Cuban Migrant Crisis in Honduras

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the surge of Cuban migrants passing through Honduras in 2024.

Why are so many Cuban migrants passing through Honduras?

Many Cubans are fleeing the island due to economic hardships and political repression. Honduras serves as a transit point for those aiming to reach the United States.

How do Cuban migrants reach Honduras?

Cubans typically fly to Nicaragua and then begin their journey through Central America, passing through countries like Honduras on their way to the United States.

Are the official records of Cuban migrants accurate?

The official records are likely lower than the actual numbers. The United States reports figures that triple those provided by Honduran authorities, suggesting many migrants cross the country undetected.

What is the significance of Honduras in the migrant route to the United States?

Honduras has become a key transit point for migrants from various countries, including Cuba, who are aiming to reach the United States. Its strategic location makes it a common part of the migration route through Central America.

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