Laura Treto Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery in Miami: "It's the Best Because It's What I Want"

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by James Rodriguez

Laura Treto surprised her followers on Instagram with the news that she recently underwent a cosmetic surgery. On Instagram, the actress shared a video detailing this process. "I'm very nervous, but I know it's the best because it's what I want. Guess who's getting surgery?" she said excitedly.

The video shows the moments from when Laura bids farewell to her little daughter Havana, arrives at the clinic, begins preparations for the surgery, and even gives a glimpse of the procedure. Although the actress did not specify what enhancements she underwent, she did confess, "The decision I've made has been difficult and nerve-wracking, but I am very happy."

Laura Treto's surgery sparked mixed reactions among her followers. "I'm very sad to see how all our actresses are getting surgeries and putting their lives and their true beauty at risk. You were very beautiful as you were. I'm very, very sad that these surgeries are being promoted," wrote one follower. Another added, "My humble opinion, you were beautiful, you didn’t need surgeries. We live in a very artificial world."

However, others supported the actress's decision and encouraged her: "Divine, of course! Anything to make us feel good about ourselves"; "I can't wait to see you looking fabulous, envy in a good way"; "It's your body, your decision. Whatever makes you happy always"; "Show the result because I feel like I'm in a soap opera."

Several Cuban artists in Miami have undergone cosmetic surgeries in recent years, including actress and comedian Gelliset Valdés.

Laura Treto’s Cosmetic Surgery: FAQs

With the recent news of Laura Treto undergoing cosmetic surgery, many followers have questions about the procedure and its implications. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

What type of cosmetic surgery did Laura Treto undergo?

Laura Treto has not specified the exact type of cosmetic surgery she underwent.

Why did Laura Treto decide to have cosmetic surgery?

Laura expressed that it was a difficult decision, but she felt it was the best choice for her and something she truly wanted.

How did Laura Treto’s followers react to her surgery?

The reactions were mixed. Some followers were saddened and critical, while others supported and encouraged her decision.

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