Father in Miami Desperately Seeks Humanitarian Visa to Save Son's Life

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Grace Ramos

Father in Miami Desperately Seeks Humanitarian Visa to Save Son's Life
The little Ronaldo and his father, Leandro Acosta - Image © Video capture/Telemundo51

A Cuban father living in Miami is pleading for a humanitarian visa for his three-year-old son diagnosed with leukemia, hoping to bring him to the United States for life-saving medical treatment.

Leandro Acosta watches the days go by with growing desperation, clinging to the hope of securing a humanitarian visa so that little Ronaldo can travel to Miami and access the specialized care that has been unavailable in Cuba due to the severe shortcomings of the Cuban healthcare system.

Ronaldo was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, initiating a grueling journey for his family as they faced the harsh reality of medicine and medical supply shortages in Cuba. "My child was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2022, and there was nothing available," Acosta shared in an interview with Telemundo51. "Everything the child needs has to be sent from here because there's nothing there."

Over the past two years, Ronaldo's treatment in Cuba has largely been sustained by generous friends who send necessary medications and supplies, such as disposable gloves, from Miami. But Acosta didn't sit idly by; he took a decisive step to save his son's life. A year and a half ago, he left his wife and two children in Cuba and embarked on a journey to the United States through multiple borders.

"It was very difficult because, even if you had the money in Cuba, you couldn't find the things you need because they simply aren't available," Acosta explained. Currently, he works in Miami, aiming to provide the treatment required to combat the hematologic cancer threatening his son's life and to reunite with his family in the U.S.

"My biggest fear is not being able to get what he needs. I work so they don't lack the essentials, but everything in that country is complicated," he expressed. Nonetheless, he remains determined to secure a humanitarian visa that would allow his family to leave Cuba. "The only thing I need is to get them out of there. My greatest dream is for my child to be healthy and have them here with me," he confessed. "Every day I dream of my children arriving, every single day, there's not a day I don't dream of them."

The dream of embracing his family and ensuring Ronaldo receives medical treatment fuels this father's relentless efforts to work and seek alternatives to make his dreams a reality. Like Acosta, many Cuban parents have found themselves in urgent need of humanitarian visas, especially in recent years, due to the lack of medications and resources in Cuban hospitals for treating their children who require specialized medical procedures.

Many of these cases necessitate bone marrow transplants or other organ transplants, which the Cuban healthcare system fails to provide.

Humanitarian Visa for Medical Treatment: Key Questions Answered

In light of the desperate plea from Leandro Acosta, many may have questions about the process and implications of seeking a humanitarian visa for medical treatment. Here are some critical questions and answers.

What is a humanitarian visa?

A humanitarian visa is a type of visa granted to individuals facing urgent humanitarian situations, such as needing critical medical treatment unavailable in their home country.

How can one apply for a humanitarian visa in the U.S.?

To apply for a humanitarian visa in the U.S., one must submit a request to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with supporting documentation demonstrating the urgent need for humanitarian relief.

What medical treatments are typically covered under a humanitarian visa?

Humanitarian visas generally cover lifesaving medical treatments that are not available in the applicant’s home country, such as cancer treatments, organ transplants, or other specialized medical procedures.

What challenges do Cuban families face in obtaining medical supplies?

Cuban families often struggle with severe shortages of medications and medical supplies due to the country's economic conditions and the inefficiencies of the socialist healthcare system.

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