Cuban Contestant on La Voz Kids Spain Expresses Her Love for Mariachi Music

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Albert Rivera

Dayana Riverón, a Cuban teenager participating in La Voz Kids Spain 2024, recently revealed her passion for mariachi music on social media. "Today, I dared to return to the mariachi genre that I love so much," wrote the 14-year-old on Instagram, where she shared a video of herself performing the song "Si Nos Dejan" by composer José Alfredo Jiménez.

"I wanted to share this with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do," expressed the young singer, who not only has a beautiful voice but also one that is well-trained and powerful. The post was very well received by her followers, with one commenting, "How can you sing like that? You sound so good it’s like a record."

In April, Riverón joined the team of singer David Bisbal, an opportunity she gratefully acknowledged: "Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be part of this small but great family." Reflecting on the experience of singing in front of prominent figures in Spanish music, she said, "We are machines, and I can only get emotional recalling this great moment that still feels like a dream."

Riverón's Journey on La Voz Kids

Riverón's performance during the blind auditions of the talent show La Voz Kids was deemed spectacular, a sentiment echoed by the show's judges. With her rendition of "Te Esperaba" by Carlos Rivera, she captivated both David Bisbal and Melendi, who turned their chairs just seconds into her performance.

This is not the first time the talent of Cuban children and teenagers has impressed the La Voz Kids judges. In 2023, Álvaro Tadeo made it to the finals, earning praise from all the artists involved in the television program. For his final performance, he chose the bolero "Vete de Mí," a song that gained fame after Cuban singer and pianist Bola de Nieve included it in his repertoire.

FAQs on Dayana Riverón and La Voz Kids Spain

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dayana Riverón's journey on La Voz Kids Spain and the show's impact on young Cuban talent.

Who is Dayana Riverón?

Dayana Riverón is a 14-year-old Cuban contestant on La Voz Kids Spain 2024, known for her powerful and well-trained voice and her love for mariachi music.

What song did Dayana Riverón perform during her blind audition?

During her blind audition, Dayana Riverón performed "Te Esperaba" by Carlos Rivera, which captivated judges David Bisbal and Melendi.

Which team is Dayana Riverón a part of on La Voz Kids Spain?

Dayana Riverón is part of David Bisbal's team on La Voz Kids Spain 2024.

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