Elioveliz, the "Cuban José José," Releases His First Ballad Composed by Lenier Mesa

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Daniel Vasquez

Elioveliz, the talented young artist known as the "Cuban José José," has just released his first ballad composed by Lenier Mesa. The song, titled "Sufrí por amor," was launched alongside a music video directed by Freddy Loons.

The musical producer of the song, Jordany González, announced the release on his Instagram, and Elioveliz expressed his gratitude to him and Lenier for making this launch possible. "Thank you, brother. Impossible without you and Lenier Mesa," wrote the young singer in the comments of the post.

Once again, Elioveliz received an outpouring of praise on his YouTube channel, where "Sufrí por amor" has already surpassed 34,000 views. "Today, many countries, especially Cuba and Mexico, are proud of Elioveliz for delivering an incredible ballad full of love and deep emotion"; "You are what so many people ask for in this world, artists who sing about love, heartbreak, the romantic genre that has been lost"; "This star has come down to show that young Cubans have immense talent"; "It's a breath of fresh air in the current chain of not very tasteful content. Elioveliz has shown that being young also means class, elegance, love for the authentic and beautiful," commented some fans.

A few months ago, Elioveliz impressed Lenier Mesa with his voice, who, upon hearing him, said that "the talent we have in Cuba is immense." Although the young artist became known for interpreting the greatest hits of José José, releasing his first song is a significant step in his artistic career.

FAQs about Elioveliz and His New Ballad "Sufrí por amor"

Here are some frequently asked questions about Elioveliz, his new song "Sufrí por amor," and the impact this release has had on his career.

Who is Elioveliz?

Elioveliz is a young Cuban singer who has gained popularity for his voice and is often compared to the legendary José José.

Who composed Elioveliz's first ballad?

Elioveliz's first ballad, "Sufrí por amor," was composed by Lenier Mesa.

How has the new song been received?

The song "Sufrí por amor" has received positive feedback and has already surpassed 34,000 views on YouTube.

Who directed the music video for "Sufrí por amor"?

The music video for "Sufrí por amor" was directed by Freddy Loons.

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