Director of Electrical Union to Cubans: "We Have No Additional Power Generation Capacity"

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Alex Smith

The director of the Electrical Union (UNE), Alfredo López Valdés, has stated that the country lacks additional power generation capacity, urging households to reduce consumption "for the benefit of the nation." "In reality, there is a limit to the generation capacity we currently have. We have no more generation, and the more rational we are in using electricity, the fewer blackouts we will experience," emphasized the official during a television program alongside President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Amid growing public discontent, the UNE director suggested that those with air conditioning units use them "rationally," setting them to "24 degrees in a sealed room" to "support the country." López Valdés clarified that he is not "blaming the people" for the increased demand and expressed his desire to see the standard of living improve, but insisted that "saving energy is one of the most important resources that Cuba still has."

These statements come amid a critical situation in the national electrical system, where fuel shortages have been compounded by the shutdown of several generating units due to "breakdowns or maintenance," resulting in blackouts lasting up to 20 hours in various parts of the country. In the midst of this severe crisis, pointing towards a potential general collapse, the regime has launched a program led by Díaz-Canel addressing the most pressing issues fueling public discontent.

The sixth episode, titled "What's Happening with Electricity in Cuba?", aims to calm the island's residents, many of whom have already taken to the streets in protests and demonstrations. The energy crisis has left the population in a state of perpetual distress, with blackouts reported around the clock. President Miguel Díaz-Canel had to concede that the recent power outages have been "terrible."

Understanding Cuba's Power Crisis

This section answers some of the most pressing questions about the ongoing power crisis in Cuba, providing insights and context to the current situation.

Why is Cuba experiencing such severe power outages?

Cuba is facing severe power outages due to a combination of fuel shortages and the breakdown or maintenance of several generating units. This has resulted in prolonged blackouts across various parts of the country.

What measures are being recommended to reduce power consumption?

The UNE director recommends using air conditioning units rationally, setting them to 24 degrees in a sealed room, and generally being more mindful of electricity usage to reduce blackouts.

How is the government addressing the power crisis?

The government has launched a program led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel to address key issues causing public discontent, including the power crisis. This includes public statements and recommendations on reducing electricity usage.

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