13-Year-Old Girl Missing for Two Days in Havana

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Daniel Colon

13-Year-Old Girl Missing for Two Days in Havana
Missing girl - Image by © Facebook/Yeni Kym López and La Caballota La Duraka

A 13-year-old girl has been missing in Havana for the past two days, according to sources close to the family who shared the news on social media. The girl, apparently named Maidavi, has had her disappearance reported online, though few details are provided beyond the photos being circulated.

The family has been searching for her for two days and is asking for any assistance in locating her. They have provided contact numbers: +53 581 731 49 or +53 587 480 39.

According to one of the posts, the family has reported her disappearance to the authorities but has yet to receive any response.

Additionally, another individual named Vladimir Ulloa Guerra has been missing in Havana for 20 days. Ulloa Guerra has been missing since March 30, confirmed by a relative who reached out to our newsroom seeking help.

"The last time he was seen was on March 30, leaving the Miguel Enríquez Hospital (also known as La Benéfica) where his mother was admitted. He is over 50 years old," the relative described. "We have reported it to the police, checked hospitals, parks, and public centers, but there has been no sign of him," they added.

The family of Karildi Marín, another young woman who went missing on December 14 in Havana, is also in distress. Nearly six months have passed since her disappearance, and they remain hopeful for her return, although there have been no updates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Missing Persons in Havana

Given the alarming number of missing person cases in Havana, here are some common questions and answers to help provide more information and raise awareness.

What should I do if I see Maidavi?

If you see Maidavi or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact the family immediately at +53 581 731 49 or +53 587 480 39. Additionally, report any sightings to the local authorities.

How can I help families of missing persons in Havana?

You can help by sharing information about the missing persons on social media, keeping an eye out for them in public places, and providing any tips to the authorities. Additionally, supporting organizations that work to locate missing persons can make a significant impact.

What actions are authorities taking to locate missing persons in Havana?

Authorities typically conduct investigations that include checking hospitals, public parks, and other areas. However, families often report a lack of timely responses, which further complicates their efforts to find their loved ones.

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