Woman Stabbed by Ex-Partner in Santiago de Cuba

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Oscar Fernandez

A woman was stabbed just before 7 a.m. this Thursday in Santiago de Cuba, allegedly by her ex-partner, who reportedly committed the assault in broad daylight, in the presence of their child and the victim's current partner, according to journalist Yosmany Mayeta on social media.

Attempted Femicide in Public View

The attempted femicide occurred while the woman was waiting for a bus to her workplace. She, her child, and her current partner were waiting at "La Rotonda" on Carretera del Morro, when suddenly her ex-partner appeared, apparently having been watching the area.

The victim, identified by the mentioned journalist as Emilia Sabigne Borjas, is 38 years old and resides in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood. According to witnesses, the man tried to slit Emilia's throat and managed to wound her, although the swift intervention of bystanders prevented him from achieving his intent.

A video shared by Yosmany Mayeta shows the moments immediately following the attempted femicide. A source familiar with the family revealed that the woman, who works at the Empresa Reparadora on Carretera de Mar Verde, had already filed a police report on Monday, apparently due to prior threats she had received. The alleged attacker, who has been identified by name, is now in custody.

"Once again, I call upon the authorities of Santiago de Cuba, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, Secretary of the Communist Party, the new Governor Manuel Falcon Hernandez, the Ministry of the Interior, and all its departments, since a prior complaint had been made, to seek justice and appropriately sanction these unfortunate acts of violence," said Mayeta.

María Emilia Sabigne is currently hospitalized with a reserved prognosis. She has suffered several cardiac arrests and is undergoing surgery at Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital. As of the close of this report, no further details are available about this tragic attempted femicide.

Questions and Answers About the Incident in Santiago de Cuba

The recent stabbing incident in Santiago de Cuba has raised many questions. Here are some common queries and their answers to help understand the situation better.

Who was the victim in the Santiago de Cuba stabbing?

The victim was identified as Emilia Sabigne Borjas, a 38-year-old resident of Vista Hermosa.

Where did the incident occur?

The incident took place at "La Rotonda" on Carretera del Morro in Santiago de Cuba.

What actions have been taken against the alleged attacker?

The alleged attacker has been identified and is currently in custody.

What is the current condition of the victim?

María Emilia Sabigne is hospitalized with a reserved prognosis and is undergoing surgery after suffering several cardiac arrests.

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