Suspected Cuban Hitman Arrested in Guatemala

Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Elizabeth Alvarado

Suspected Cuban Hitman Arrested in Guatemala
The police arrested five people in Escuintla, with firearms that they apparently intended to use to execute a family - Image by © PNC of Guatemala

Agents of Guatemala's Civil National Police (PNC) detained a group of alleged hitmen this Wednesday, including one Cuban national, who were reportedly on their way to execute a family, according to official reports.

During a police intelligence operation in the municipality of Nueva Concepción, in the department of Escuintla, authorities apprehended Cuban national Gerardo Casas Ortiz, 48, along with Guatemalans Laudelino Noguera Duarte, 37; César Bernabé Castillo Valenzuela, 53; Ana Esmeralda Martínez Mayorga, 30, and Jhony Alexander Estrada Vásquez, 36, who also holds Mexican nationality, officials told reporters and local media.

The PNC stated in a communiqué that officers from the Escuintla precinct, in southern Guatemala, intercepted the five individuals while they were traveling in a black Mazda car. Inside the vehicle, they illegally carried two pistols, two magazines, and 26 rounds of ammunition, all of which were confiscated.

The police noted that Casas Ortiz is in Guatemala illegally. Additionally, they revealed that Estrada has been wanted since February 22 by a court in Villa Nueva for the crime of reckless injury. Meanwhile, Noguera has a record dating back to January 29, when he was arrested along with three other men in Cuyotenango, Suchitepéquez, for driving an unregistered vehicle that carried four rifles, three pistols, and over 180 rounds of ammunition.

Migrant Challenges in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the Central American countries where Cuban migrants temporarily reside after leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities. These migrants often undertake the perilous journey toward the southern border of the United States, hoping to seek asylum.

Over the past two years, numerous reports have emerged about the detention of Cuban migrants transiting through Guatemala. These individuals are often expelled by authorities for lacking legal status in the country. Tragically, several Cubans have lost their lives in road accidents during their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cuban Migrants in Guatemala

Given the ongoing situation with Cuban migrants in Guatemala, here are some common questions and answers that provide further insight into the issue.

Why are Cuban migrants passing through Guatemala?

Cuban migrants pass through Guatemala as part of their journey to reach the southern border of the United States, where they hope to seek asylum and better opportunities.

What challenges do Cuban migrants face in Guatemala?

Cuban migrants in Guatemala face several challenges, including the risk of detention and deportation due to their illegal status, as well as dangers associated with their journey, such as road accidents.

How has the Guatemalan government responded to the influx of Cuban migrants?

The Guatemalan government has often responded by detaining and expelling Cuban migrants who do not have legal status in the country, citing security and legal concerns.

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